Biofeedback Therapy and Its Benefits

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Biofeedback Therapy and Its Benefits In the realm of complementary and alternative medicine, biofeedback therapy has emerged as a promising approach for enhancing mental health and overall well-being. This non-invasive technique harnesses the power of self-regulation by providing individuals with real-time physiological data, allowing them to gain insights into their bodily functions and make positive […]

TikTok and Mental Health Among Teens

TikTok and Mental Health Among Teens TikTok is a really popular app where people can make and share videos. It’s especially popular among young …

Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder

Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder: Signs and Symptoms Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness that involves strong emotional rea…

Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People: More Prone to Depression and Anxiety Highly sensitive people (HSP) perceives the world in a unique way due to a biological di…

Psychotic Depression: Causes and Symptoms

In certain instances, individuals grappling with severe depression may encounter hallucinations and delusional thinking. When these symptoms coexist with depression, the condition is termed psychotic depression.

Studies suggest that….

Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier

Siblings Mentally Healthier

Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier

You would think that having siblings can pretty much consume your physical and mental energy. They invade your personal space, they annoy you with….