How Consumption Abuse Affects Mental Health

Abuse affects Mental Health

Life has always been challenging and many people turn to illegal drinking just to escape reality momentarily without thinking of its long-term effects. Over the course of time, it….

The Truth Behind Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious problem that can have a lasting impact. It affects children in an unimaginable way that somehow scars not just their physical state but also….

Online Social Networking and Mental Health

social media on Mental Health

Humans thrive by socializing with each other. Everyone requires companionship and connections to enjoy the beauty of life. The strength of your social relationships plays a vital role in your….

The Link Between Meditation and Mental Health 

Meditation and Mental Health

Establishing The Link Between Meditation and Mental Health 
In our rapidly changing lives, physical and mental stress are becoming increasingly common. Meditation has been found to help with certain conditions….