• Jul 31, 2019

Jacky T.

I almost loved watching the other attorneys yelling at Jacob trying to get their own way as he simply and clearly stated the case. He is like the rock to the hot winds. Eventually reason prevailed and they saw his well laid out points. He reminds me of Perry Mason. He is also incredibly sweet and stays in touch. It’s like you become part of his family when he is your attorney. Like the really cool brother who fights for you! He also has this angelic quality about him where you know he is giving and doing 110% and probably works way too much, and we are grateful! Someone tried to do something shady to my family while we were away dealing with the passing of our Father and Jacob stepped in and stopped them very thoroughly like a great big wall of protection around us. Yes, we keep him on retainer for a reason, it’s called peace of mind. I almost hate to leave him this review because it’s like letting people know your secret weapon, but he has earned it and it is only fair to state the facts and give him the thank you he deserves. I refer everyone to Jacob anyway, so now I said it publicly in writing. Jacob, thank you sir! You rock!

Ps, someone should make a movie about this guy and the work he does for people and the community.