• Jul 31, 2019

Martha G.

Whatever you do, get as consultation with Jacob first. Jacob and all of his staff was great. I am the caretaker of a friend of mine, and he told me he came home to a 3 day notice to vacate or remove the 2 cats he had since his lease did not allow for pets of any kind. I helped him mail his landlord verifiable documentation about his pets being emotional support animals, as well as paperwork proving he requires them. All paperwork was directly from the approving physician. His landlord totally ignored it all, and waited until 3 days before the following month to post a 3-Day Notice on his door to remove the cats or vacate. He asked me to help him find a reputable attorney, which I did the same evening he was served the notice. I called Jacob’s office around 5:30pm expecting to only leave a message, and to my surprise he answered his own extension even though it sounded like he was driving. He heard me out and insisted on giving me his cell phone number to contact him while he was in court the following morning to set up an appointment time for the following day. He responded to each text immediately and the appointment worked out great. Everyone was very attentive, friendly, and professional. Jacob explained he could mail a letter to my friend’s landlord reminding him of his tenant’s right to have emotional support animals per his documentation and how he could not apply pet deposits or any additional fees as a result of them being registered emotional support animals. He addressed another issue in the letter for no additional cost as well. He never made us feel rushed or gave us the sense that my friend’s case was too small for him to take on. They are a very busy office, so I would have understood if he referred us elsewhere. Luckily he took care of it for a reasonable fee, and my friend says he has yet to hear anything more from his landlord regarding the cats. There were some follow up emails with Udo, who was excellent throughout the whole process as well. I wouldn’t think twice to use Jacob for myself in the future (hopefully won’t ever need to). *Note: they do not accept checks, but they do accept cards, and there is an ATM right by the entrance to their office. Convenient!