• Jul 31, 2019

Maverick M.

As Legal challenges go in Los Angeles, one who is a layperson trying to navigate through the maze and quagmire that is rife with pit falls and landmines to step on and be blown to smithereens in the L.A. County Court system; is a daunting task at best.

I was faced with an almost impossible situation to reverse being given a Sheriff’s LOCKOUT of My Business and WRONGFULLY as well as UNLAWFULLY EVICTED.
I was left standing on the outside looking in on my entire livelihood and world.

I called many “so called” Lawyers describing my dire situation asking them for help and representation…
ALL OF THEM told me that was NOTHING that could be done!
Each told me that I had to accept to fate of the eviction.

But then REAL fate and good fortune intervened and I was given the number of MY LAWYER Jacob O. Partiyeli.
Instantly he was honest and candid with my about the difficulties I was facing and yet he assured me and counseled me on what we needed to over turn the Judgement .
I was SO proud to be represented by this man and in my “Ex Parte” hearing where he was able to challenge the legal issues and facts of the IMPROPER SERVICE and reason with the Judge on my behalf that I had not been served correctly.
(this was key to my case)

Jacob completely outclassed a larger, more powerful, prominent “Big Time” Law Firm and OVERTURNED The EVICTION!
UNHEARD OF in L.A. County Superior Court System!

He did this with his legal knowledge of case law and vigorous arguments that he raised and made in open court before the Judge.
I was standing right there and it was REMARKABLE!
Jacob fought so hard to win for me that even the Judge told me that my Lawyer represented me so well in this difficult matter.

Once I was placed back into my business 1 day later…
Jacob called me on a regular basis to check on me and make sure that I was doing well.
Being personally involved to prepare me for our next court date and masterfully negotiated a beautiful and easy court stipulated settlement with the plaintiff in my case.

Jacob O. Partiyeli will not only fight hard for you to win your case.
He does it with an smooth and easy manner that is not only compelling to the opposition.
But logical and rational to Judges alike.

You would be hard pressed to find a more skilled and collected Counselor of Law in this town.
Jacob is young, knowledgeable, driven, determined and has the integrity needed in matters of the complex law.
I personally saw for myself just how he does it with care and respect.
Need I say that I’m a believer in him and his fully loaded Legal skill set?

I have a New Lawyer in this town…
and his name is Jacob O. Partiyeli!
You’d be wise to make him yours as well!