• Jul 30, 2019

Max G.

My fiancé and I were living at Equity Residential’s Belle Fontaine apartment building in Marina del Rey when the property manager Jennifer Mix handed us a “Notice to Cure” letter that demanded we remove our beloved 4 year old Doberman or face eviction all based on false accusations from 2 residents that had no proof or evidence. It was very reassuring when Jacob laughed out loud when he looked at the letter that Jennifer Mix handed us. This was my first time hiring a lawyer and I am glad it was Jacob!

It is true that Jacob is hard to get a hold of but that is because he is a very busy man. I have some relatives who are professionals on his level and yes it is normal that it might take some time to get his attention. However, his attention is real and there and he was on the case and took care of everything. Before we even needed his attention he had a Cease and Desist typed up for us and for a very fair price agreed to represent us and everything worked out the way we had hoped.

While our case was not exactly in the stages of eviction that Jacob’s law firm mostly handles, he understood that we just needed representation from a law firm and he provided us with just that.

I really appreciated his follow-up phone calls and his reassurance that he would take care of us. And he has a great (and busy!) group of staff members in his office taking phone calls. It is an impressive sight to say the least.

This man has very solid reviews on Yelp! for a reason. He does his job and gets it done! My fiancé and I were very glad we walked into his law firms office and that he agreed to represent us.

Thank you Jacob!