• Jul 31, 2019

Phil H.

Whenever it comes to lawyers, accountants, or any professionals, I don’t have a lot of trust for these people. I always assume they are going to try to take advantage of me, so I constantly have my guard up. However, Jacob genuinely put me at ease regarding my eviction case. The first time I met him he explained what all my options were, but he was never pushy or put any pressure on me to use his services.

After we talked, I knew I wanted to move forward with Jacob. He quickly put together an action plan which he used to settle my case with the landlord I was dealing with. It turns out I was being bullied by the landlord, but Jacob showed me various defenses I had against the landlord I had no idea about.

He ended up getting me 4 more months in my unit without having to pay the landlord a dime, a sealed record, and my security deposit back. Needless to say I was very pleased with the total experience. His style and personality made me feel comfortable the whole time, and I would wholeheartedly recommend using him for any eviction case.