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Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Law Firm

We have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients. Whether it’s an auto accident, workers compensation suit, or personal injury claim, Jacob O. Partiyeli has the professional legal advice you need for a successful outcome.

  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Back Injuries
  • Emotional Distress
  • Machine Malfunctions
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What our Clients say about us

I was in a car accident, where the person who hit me drove away. I was able to take a picture of the persons license plate. I called Jacob at the law offices of Jacob o. Partiyeli, because I heard from my wife

Bobby M.

Hey of your really looking for an truthful honest lawyer that doesn’t beat around the bush . Jacobs the man !!! Ist me tell you I was filed for eviction within a private complex an was about to be thrown

Chase H.

Jacob Partiyeli is an old school fighter. He will work your case to the max from the first day you sign up with him until the last day. He makes sure he is always keeping you posted, whether it’s through

David C.

I was looking for a car accident attorney, and a good friend of mine referred me to the law offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli. I was very happy in choosing this law office. Jacob treated me like family and really t

Cassidy W.

Jacob was an awesome attorney. He was very attentive to our needs. was not the typical attorney. we had a complex matter and he was always there to explain everything. I would definitely recommend him!

Randal S.

I had first hired another workers compensation attorney and he never bothered returning my calls or updating me on my case. After being so upset with that attorney I asked around and was recommended to Jacob pa

Silvia S.

Jacob does WIN! He and his staff are professional, efficient and patient. It’s was obvious that my concerns were his concerns and he made the entire process very easy!

Dr. D.

Great Lawyer! He knows how to take care of clients. He understand the law and knows how to protect his clients. I also appreciate his dedication to his job. He has helped us so much with our case and is literal

John S.

Working with Jacob was a pleasure from the start. He was always answers my calls, gives good advice, and is a reliable attorney. I am pleased with his services and look forward to consulting with him in the fut

Jake S.

My boyfriend got a moving violation, while trying to avoid getting into a car accident on Ventura blvd. I had him call the law offices of Jacob Partiyeli, and they took care of the entire process and got the ti

jessica k.

Although I was not a client, I called into the office for information regarding a personal injury case. Jacob was very helpful and informative, and spent a great deal of time explaining everything to me. Defini

Jen B.

Had a workers compensation injury and had no idea how everything works. After speaking with Jacob, lots of my concerns were answered. I recommend this attorney because of his professionalism, hard working, and

Marco G.

Last September I was hit head on by a car while sitting in my car waiting for the light to change. I was never in such a serious accident before and usually I do not turn to attorneys for help, but try to do it

Linda B.

A good workers compensation attorney is hard to come across in Los Angeles. I’m very impressed by the level of service jacob Partiyeli offered me. He was also able to guide me through an eviction case I w

Ben K.

Jacob is a remarkable attorney. He held my hand through the entire process I was facing. He was easy to get in touch with, unlike other lawyers. Him and his staff, were always so polite, respectful and energeti

Ballet C.

Jacob is a great Attorney and his experience shows by his action and efficiency. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, not many lawyers are like this, trust me I’ve met them all. Another breath of fres

Yelp A.

I had the greatest pleasure of having Jacob and his team represent me. I have no words , as to how amazing Jacob and his team are.Having to go through this issue with such a team , was not as difficult .His tea

mitra p.

He’s a really good guy I gave him a call to ask him some questions even though it wasn’t his expertise he took his time to tell me what was going on gave me a referral told me not to worry about it

Mick G.

I’m very impressed! Very! So easy to communication, very understandable, very professional! Jacob was the one who helped me through the case and i couldn’t be happier! Simply amazing. I’ve had

Joseph K.

Spoke with Mr. Partiyeli on behalf of a friend regarding her eviction. There was some misunderstanding caused by me giving the incorrect contact phone number on one of the emails we were trading back and forth.

Ray W.

As Legal challenges go in Los Angeles, one who is a layperson trying to navigate through the maze and quagmire that is rife with pit falls and landmines to step on and be blown to smithereens in the L.A. County

Maverick M.

Here is an honest review: After six months of little communication Jacob and his team came around and stepped up to the plate and finally hit a home run. Once you have his attention he really does fight for you

Steve V.

Jacob and his team were very helpful to me during the process of an eviction for a tenant I had Jacob is very smart and knows the his stuff very well the people that worked for him dropped the ball a couple tim

Brittany C.

I met Jacob through one of my friends on his accident case and was thrilled by his performance and agility. I never thought that i’d be in need of legal assistance, lately I ended up in a small employment

Robert A.

Attorney Jacob is a man of honor and integrity, he took my case when other attorneys said no ,and has done an excellent job, I will recommend him to anyone in the community On personal injury

Mordi B.

Jacobs firm represented in a personal injury case, where I was dealing with an unfortunate car accident. He took care of all steps through the case and got me an Impressive outcome.

Adel N.

If you are looking for a lawyer, Jacob is the one. He really cares for his clients and always fights to get them what they want. He is aggressive and won’t back down, always having the client’s best

Amitis A.

I was in a bind and Jacob took on my UD with two days before court. He not only got the UD expunged from the records but he negotiated a HUGE reduction in back rent and got me the time I needed to move. I canno

Craig D.

Jacob and his Team is so awesome. From the moment my mother & I walked in the office they were extremely helpful and knew exactly what they were doing. I was being unfairly evicted from a commercial proper

Ashley J.

Jacob Partiyeli, Jean Mascardo & the rest of their staff took great care of me during an unfortunate eviction scare that I went through, back in July. They provided me with very detailed & thorough se

Ken D.

Attorney jacob Partiely is just an amazing man all around. He helped my aunt to settle her workers-compensation case. she had a different attorney who sat on the case for a long time and didn’t do anythin

Marvin V.

I am very pleased with the level of services I received from jacob and his staff for the following reasons: He was upfront with me from the start. He would always reply to my text messages and phone calls in a

Sally P.

Stumbling upon Jacob Partiyeli saved me a lot of money, stress & time when dealing with my previous landlord! I was very unfamiliar with how this whole process works and with so many options out there I wa

Gianna A.

The man is busy and we should all be able to understand and cope with it! To be clearer, yes, there were times where it was difficult to communicate via the proper channels, but ultimately, the man knew where a

Joe Y.

Whenever it comes to lawyers, accountants, or any professionals, I don’t have a lot of trust for these people. I always assume they are going to try to take advantage of me, so I constantly have my guard

Phil H.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how far above my expectations were exceeded by Mr. Jacob o Partiyeli. He and his staff were patient and pretty amazing at what they do. Super Hero, esquire???…

Mashanda K.

Jacob was an awesome attorney and if I just have to summarize his key characteristics, I’d say: smart, knowledgable, and W/ great communication skills… He handled the case, in a short amount of time

Pejman A.

Job well done. Jacob, Although we had a few misunderstandings along our 6 month journey, mainly because I was so unfamiliar with the whole process originally I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of all 3 sepa

Kaydee A.

Jacob and his team did the most outstanding job on our eviction case. As a tenent we really had a hard time dealing with our landlord who were being really difficult . Jacob was very fast and responsive with ou

Barbiebrown Y.

Mr. Partiyeli is awesome! He stepped in and resolved the problem I was having with my apartment management group because they were refusing to allow my disabled adult daughter live with me because she could not

Kelly H.

I was referred to Jacob through a friend regarding an eviction I was facing. I was pleased with the outcome of the case and will definitely contact Jacob if needed again in the future!

Daun H.

I almost loved watching the other attorneys yelling at Jacob trying to get their own way as he simply and clearly stated the case. He is like the rock to the hot winds. Eventually reason prevailed and they saw

Jacky T.

Very professional and courteous staff . Timely response, and helpful. I trusted them with my case based on good reviews online and I have been pleasantly surprised, Jacob and his staff exceeded my expectations.

Juliet L.

I have to say Jacob is the best eviction lawyer in town. I was given an eviction notice couple of months ago. I was very desperate and I looked on yelp for an eviction defense attorney and I was lucky to find J

Leila D.

I’ve known this man, personally and professionally, for over 15 years. He has been a straight shooter from the get go. Highly recommended and highly trustworthy. He will do his very best to achieve whatev

Bobby D.

Whatever you do, get as consultation with Jacob first. Jacob and all of his staff was great. I am the caretaker of a friend of mine, and he told me he came home to a 3 day notice to vacate or remove the 2 cats

Martha G.

I have used the services of Jacob partiyeli numerous times. I hired him for the first time about four years ago and was very impressed with his work ethic and dilegence. Although he has grown very much since th

Carlo T.

Usually when you here the term lawyer, you think of all the negative stereotypes. But Jacob and his staff truly made me feel like they are helping a member of their own family. They take all the stress and unce

Mahsa H.

Hardworking, caring, and compassionate are a few words that describe Jacob. He responds in a timely manner and is engaged throughout your entire case. He is strategic and and knows all the right things to say.

S H.

Jacob was knowledgable and helpful. I’m satisfied with the outcome of my unlawful detainer case and would use him in the future or recommend him to family and friends. Their office is a little busy at tim

Alexis H.

We hired Jacob for an eviction matter in one of our apartments. The tenants filed a response and tried to stay in the apartment and Jacob definitely wouldn’t put up with that. He is a fighter and got them

Joe P.

I was referred to Jacob by a colleague for a real estate matter. Jacob provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my upcoming case. I would also like to t

Joey F.

He was quick to give me a general idea of my legal position after a short five.minute conversation on the phone. He pointed me to other offices when it was obvious his help was out of my price range. Thanks for

OzKar A.


My fiancé and I were living at Equity Residential’s Belle Fontaine apartment building in Marina del Rey when the property manager Jennifer Mix handed us a “Notice to Cure” letter that demande

Max G.


I would definitely recommend my lawyer Jacob Partiyeli we just finish a difficult case . I feel safe and grateful that he was here . he also has my PI case and I am positive that he will take care of this case

Maria T M.


My name is Dustin and I am the owner of 90210 Watches in Beverly Hills California. I originally met Jacob in Hawaii while on vacation with my wife and two daughters. We were staying at the same hotel and our ki

dustin h.


Our office will always fight to get you the top compensation for your personal injury and workers compensation claim!

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Do you know your rights in the workplace? If you suffer an injury due to the negligence of your employer, let Jacob O. Partiyeli fight your battle for you. With an excellent track record of success, our legal team ensures that you get the compensation you deserve.

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