10 Biggest Challenges Millennials Face Today

You have heard of the word millennials countless times but still not sure what it is. Millennial is a term used for those who were born between the years 1981 to 1996. Based on the latest statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau, there are now 83.1 million millennials.  

Older people considered the millennials as an entitled generation. But what they did not know is that they, too, face so many struggles and challenges every day. They need to withstand criticism and judgment just to show everyone that they deserve whatever success they have now.

What are the most common challenges among millennials?

Just like the generations before them, millennials are bombarded with so many problems that they have to face. In spite of how advanced and sophisticated society is, they constantly find ways to make a name for themselves. However, there will always be instances that test their sanity and strength.

1. Low-paying Jobs/ Unemployment

Sad to say, wages remain unmoved despite inflation. Millennials who work for minimum wage have to juggle two or three jobs to make ends meet. The cost of living, goods and services continue to rise but increasing the wage has not been the top priority.

2. Technology Addiction

They say that millennials are fortunate because they get to witness and experience how technology begins and makes life more convenient. Many millennials are hooked on every device or gadget that they are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy them.

3. Cancel Culture

This is a new concept to a lot of people. Cancel culture was conceived because millennials and younger generations have become bolder in making their stand about different social, political, etc. issues. It could also be that millennials are too sensitive now that they cannot bear seeing and listening to someone who opposes their beliefs.

4. College Debt

One of the most draining challenges among millennials is their college debts or student loans. Since college is expensive, many of them resort to taking out loans to study. They hope to get a good job once they graduate and immediately pay back all their loans. But it is not always the case.

5. Aging Parents

One survey showed that one in every 3 millennials is planning to take another job to be able to afford taking care of their parents. Many millennials include caring for their aging parents in their future plans and expenses. Some of them have chosen to move back into their parents’ home to look after them.

6. Discrimination

Discrimination comes in different forms – age, race, sexual orientation, status or religion. Eliminating discrimination is a long shot and what is worse is anyone can be a victim. Millennials persevere to have a comfortable life but they are often confronted with prejudice and unfair treatment in their workplace or in the community.

7. Substance/ Alcohol/ Sex Addiction

There is so much alcohol and illegal substances available now. Surprisingly, you can easily get access to whatever alcohol or drugs you are looking for. This same goes with sex. Everything is within reach and you will never have any trouble looking for a good time these days.

8. Violence/ Bullying

One of the most alarming problems among millennials is bullying and the ever presence of violence in the community. Cyber-bullying happens not just to students but also to adults. It becomes an entertainment to a number of individuals who wish ill to someone on the Internet. Violence against someone of different race and ethnicity is making headlines every now and then.

9. Less Human Interaction

Millennials are either too wrapped up with their work or just plainly shy that they do not give importance to socializing and meeting new people. If they are not working, they spend most of their time taking care of their family, watching television or using social media platforms.

10. Mental Health Issues

With all the challenges millennials face every single day – from financial to personal aspects, it is no wonder that they feel stressed out, anxious and depressed. A study found out that one in every 5 millennials struggle with depression.

What to do if you are struggling with depression?

If you are battling with depression or know someone who does, you need to act right away and seek professional help. It is hard to admit that you are suffering from mental stress but the moment you accept the problem it is one step closer to getting better.

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