Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Therapy

A self-regulation approach known as biofeedback is employed by health professionals to change a range of physiological data depending on health factors, reducing psychopathological symptoms and enhancing cognitive function. Biofeedback has been effectively used in psychology to treat psychophysiological problems like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. We at MindShift Wellness Center offer Biofeedback Therapy for you.

Conditions treated using biofeedback therapy:

People are frequently more effective at managing their behavior and responses when they have awareness about the biological machinations of their bodies. Many people who use biofeedback techniques are able to improve their body awareness and mindfulness. And some even discover themselves how to control their own natural processes in the body like heart rate and blood pressure.

Many different health issues have been effectively treated using biofeedback, including:
• Anxiety
• Migraines
• Excessive Stress
• High Blood Pressure
• Lower back pain
• Posttraumatic Stress (PSTD)
• Physical injury
• Raynaud’s syndrome

Equipment used for biofeedback:

Depending on the physiological functions being monitored, biofeedback treatment may make use of a wide range of specialized equipment. These sensor paradigms for biofeedback include:

Electromyographs: It provides data on muscle tension.
Rheoencephalographs: It measures blood blow in the brain.
Electrodermographs: It measures the skin’s electrical properties, which are frequently connected to the activity of the sweat glands.
Electroencephalographs: For neurofeedback, it frequently monitors brainwaves and other electrical brain activity.
Pneumographs: It monitors the rate of breathing as well as chest expansion and contraction.