Psychotherapy For Couples


Are you struggling to communicate with your partner? Do you find that your romantic relationship no longer has the spark it once did? Help from a therapist may be just what you need. At MindShift Psychological services, we offer psychotherapy for couples in the Corona, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Riverside areas.

Our team has offered psychotherapy and counseling for many years in hospital and private practice settings and in 2018 was able to open the doors to our practice offering affordable psychotherapy for couples in four locations: Corona, Newport Beach, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

When you need counseling or therapy, reach out to MindShift Psychological services for help. Our multi-pronged approach can give you the tools you need to boost your mental and emotional health.

When relationship troubles arise, a lack of communication is often the heart of the trouble. A psychotherapist can help by facilitating an open conversation between both partners. Open, honest communication in a safe space, such as a therapy office, can help you and your partner work through difficult issues.

Long-term, committed relationships can be scary because you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner. Psychotherapy for couples can give you the chance to be honest about your feelings and desires, and the therapist offers a neutral perspective to help both partners clearly communicate their wishes.

When you are feeling out of sync in your romantic relationship, or if you and your partner have been through a trying experience together, a psychotherapist can help you two get back on the same page and can facilitate healing.

If you are looking for affordable psychotherapy for couples in the Corona, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Riverside areas, call MindShift Psychological services today and let our highly skilled therapists guide you and your partner to a better understanding of one another.

To schedule a consultation and find out if we’re a good fit for you and your partner, give us a call at (714) 584-9700 today.