10 Tips for Better Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships are those characterized by caring, closeness, and trust. Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. While intimacy is usually associated with those factors, it is also very much beyond all of that.  

Intimacy is more than being involved sexually with a person. It is more than kissing, holding, and cuddling with each other. Intimacy means being wholly comfortable with another person, inside and out. Better intimate relationships mean letting another person see into your soul more than your body. 

Intimacy is not instant, as it takes time to build and you have to put some effort into it in order to achieve a better intimate relationship. If you are in a special relationship with someone right now, here are some tips for better intimate relationships to make the relationship stronger and last a lifetime: 

Intimate relationship



Relationships require time spent together and time spent apart. Quality time is one of the love languages and it is vital to forming better intimate relationships. Time spent together allows you to get to know your partner better while time spent away allows you to reassess your emotions and feelings towards one another while bettering yourself.

Remember this: You always make time for the people you love and you always will need to take time for yourself.


Effort is important in any relationship. Effort is prioritizing your partner over your friends when needed, and going out of your way to see and visit them. Effort is your undivided time and attention that will make them feel that you are serious in this relationship. 

You do not just happen to be in a truly intimate relationship with someone, you have to put in the effort and work for it.


They say consistency is a key ingredient in creating better intimate relationships. When you are just starting out, you always must put your best foot forward and do all these romantic and nice things that the other person values. These things should not stop just because you are already together. 

Consistency is not just being romantic, but it is being there when needed by your significant other and having a sense of commitment towards them. 


Another vital ingredient to better intimate relationships is mutual respect. If you cannot respect your partner, why bother being in a relationship at all? A relationship without respect for each other will ultimately fail. 

Respect is accepting your partner for everything that they are, including their decisions, statements, and opinions – even when you do not agree with them. 


If you feel the need to be updated 24/7 by your partner or to be around him/her every second, then your relationship displays a lack of trust. Learn to give each other space and allow time to reflect on your own. Trust means you can rely on and confide in them, but also be away from them without worrying.

It is difficult and almost impossible to stay in a relationship with someone you do not or cannot trust. 


The best foundation of any long-lasting relationship is building it upon a  friendship. Better intimate relationships result from those who start out as friends or best friends. It is a good feeling when you can tell your significant other everything that is going on with your day, and life in general. You can laugh and cry at the same things without being self–conscious and without being judged. 

With relationships built on friendship, you will not be afraid to be vulnerable around each other. 


Communication contributes to better intimate relationships. This does not necessarily mean being on the phone for hours or spending the whole day together. Though, even when your day gets busy, do not forget to send a simple text, a call, or message – these contribute massively to creating a successful and happy relationship. Communication also means being upfront with your partner when you have a problem and not holding anything back, you need to be respectful and honest but transparent with your communication.

Intimacy means communicating about the things you want to say, and even the things you don’t want to say but are thinking about.


Conflicts are inevitable in relationships. You can fight over petty issues or major problems. When you are angry, you can become closed off and unresponsive. This hampers repairing your relationship. If you cannot forgive your partner, you plummet down a dark hole full of negative thoughts. Better intimate relationships are those wherein you are able to forgive your partner for their shortcomings and give room for improvement.

Forgiveness is seeing past your significant other’s wrongs and accepting them back. It may be hard to forgive someone who hurt you, but love should surmount the anger and hurt you are feeling. Forgiveness means talking through your problems and finding a resolution. 


It is imperative to establish with your significant other your future plans and goals. It will not completely be an intimate relationship if you both do not have similar goals in mind.
Having the same direction as your partner is essential in developing better intimate relationships. A relationship will not work out if only one has plans for the future. 


Insecurity is a silent killer of relationships. You have to be secure enough in your relationship and not be jealous of your significant other’s success or achievements. With security, you do not feel the need to investigate, you both can do your own things, and you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

When you can support each other through ups and downs, that is security and a sign of a quality intimate relationship.

Intimate relationship

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