10 Ways to Prevent Suicide Thoughts

When you are at the lowest point in your life, you feel hopeless and alone. You create a bubble that no one is allowed in and continue to think that there is no reason to live. You start feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts because you just want to get away from your problems and stress.

According to 2018 National Survey of Drug Use and Mental Health, 0.5% of adults aged 18 years old and older have made at least one suicide attempt. The number may not be alarming but the idea of 1.4 million adults wanting to end their life is proof enough that this is something serious and should be addressed without delay.

How to prevent having suicide thoughts?

There will be instances in your life that you do not want to face. As you go deeper and deeper into your depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts are starting to loom in your thoughts. It is better to run away from your problems or permanently end your misery than having to deal with it every waking hour.

1. Take care of yourself.

You get tired of hearing this over and over again but taking care of your body greatly improves your state of mind. Healthy habits boost your mood and help you overcome having unpleasant thoughts. Do not underestimate the power and importance of a balanced meal, exercise and sleep.

2. Avoid triggering points of your depression and anxiety.

Do not place yourself in situations that will escalate your depression and anxiety. When you know that drinking alcohol will only worsen your feelings, do not go to bars and clubs. You need to be fully well and recover from your mental health issues before placing yourself in a tempting situation.

3. Take your medications religiously.

Follow your doctor’s orders. Do not skip your medications just because you feel okay today or you do not like it. Inform your doctor if the side effects are bothering you or the medications are not working. Tell your doctor everything that you are feeling so that they will know exactly how to treat your condition.

4. Have a routine.

When you cannot control your emotions and thoughts, your routine will help you focus. Keep these routines to create structure and comfort in your daily life. Train yourself to wake up and sleep at the same time every day, keeping your gym appointment, indulging in your hobby or attending school or work. These simple things occupy your mind and give you a sense of purpose.

5. Look for inspiring people and moments.  

There are times that you do not have the will to live because your life is full of problems, boring, predictable and uninspiring. You need to accept that in life you need to push and work harder to feel fulfilled. Take inspiration from people you look up to and learn more on how they are able to cope with life’s challenges. Look at your children’s achievements and be happy with them.

6. Think of reasons to live.

Losing reasons to live paves way to suicidal thoughts. Giving up hope and being constantly worried and scared of your life make you vulnerable to physical and mental illnesses. Think about your spouse, your children and close friends. Be grateful that you have a job or you can travel. Start working on your business or building your dream house.

7. Be with your family and friends.

The moment you decide that you want to isolate yourself from the people around you, is the exact time you put yourself in danger. You need your family and friends to keep you balanced and give you purpose. You do not want to burden them with your problems but bear in mind that these same people are the ones who are willing to help you.

8. Do the things you truly enjoy and love.

You have the right to enjoy your life without feeling guilty. Eat at that expensive restaurant to make yourself happy. Buy that luxury bag because you work hard. Travel with your family without thinking about your work. Sing or dance again to uplift your mood. Whatever you do that will help you improve your mental health, pursue them.

9. Have personal goals.

Life becomes more adventurous and exciting when you have an end goal. They can be as simple as finishing your Master’s degree or competing in a marathon. Think about the time when your daughter will get married or your son is having his baby. Look forward to things that you find hopeful and pleasant to get rid of any unpleasant and suicidal thoughts.

10. Talk to a trusted person or a medical professional.

When you are depressed, anxious and worried all the time, it is best to discuss your problems to someone you trust. You may feel embarrassed or guilty but you have to overcome these. Your situation will worsen if you choose to bottle up your emotions.

Where to ask help?

Having to deal with suicidal thoughts is like testing your mind into doing something that you know is wrong. It is an inner battle you need to fight every day to survive. You know that your journey to ending these suicidal thoughts is not easy but it is possible.

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