5 Practical Ways to Show Appreciation to Women in your Life

March is Women’s Month and it is just right that you show appreciation to women in your life. Whether it is your mom, your grandmother, your favorite teacher or your loving boss, they deserve every ounce of praise and recognition for their care and hard work.

Saying “I love you” or “thank you” may not come easily and smoothly for you but there are other ways to show your love and gratitude. With all their responsibilities, women are prone to suffer mental health issues. They need understanding, acceptance and support whenever they fall short on their duties.

Based on studies, one in every five women in the country suffers from medical health issues. Not all are open to discuss their conditions or seek treatment. They ignore symptoms thinking that they are just caused by old age.

What can you do for them?

We often think that the best way to show appreciation to the important women in our lives is to spend money. Giving them an expensive bag or treating them to a luxury spa is what makes them happy. However, even the smallest gesture would mean so much to them as long as it comes from you.

Learn to compliment

Beautiful and positive words are magic. Giving compliments does wonders to your mind and soul. They brighten your day and motivate you to do good all the time. This is what women feel when you say nice words and take notice of how great they are.

Complimenting on how delicious the meal they prepared is enough to keep them going throughout the day. Letting them know that their work inspires you, uplifts their confidence and persuades them to do more.

Be of service to them

Every time you help your mom do the laundry, she feels proud and thankful of you. The moment you volunteer to drive your grandmother to a friend’s house, you add another happy year to her life. It is those small and thoughtful actions that make them feel appreciated and loved.

Showing appreciation to women does not have to be elaborate and complicated. It is all about being there for them even if they do not ask for your help. The thought of having someone they can rely on will always make them smile.

Spend time with them

Even if you are so busy with work, school or other matters, take time to visit the most important women in your life. Do not wait for an occasion to check up on them. Be present in their lives no matter who old you get.

Visit your high school teacher at home and have a nice conversation over a cup of coffee. If your budget permits, take your mom to her dream vacation. Ask your crafty aunt to teach you how to knit or invite your music-loving boss to a concert.

Listen to them

People come and go and this is a fact in life. It is truly comforting to have someone who will listen to them. They need validation from people who know and love them that they are still useful. They want someone to hear them out whenever they feel tired and angry.

Listening to them complain about life or gossip about someone may sound childish and ridiculous. But your presence gives them that familiar and homey feeling. It is good that they are able to express their emotions and voice out their thoughts. Most times, being alone and lonely can trigger suicidal thoughts.  

Take care of their mental health

One of the best ways to show appreciation to women in your life is to always look after their mental health and wellness. As women grow older, they are on the edge of feeling left out, unappreciated or unimportant. They need to know from you and other family members that they matter and are needed.

Never dismiss when they tell you that they feel lost or they are feeling depressed. Look out for any behavior that is out of the ordinary or any red flags that signals any mental health conditions.

Where to get help?

Showing appreciation to women means that you support any decisions and steps they take to be healthy and well. Their mental health is a priority and attending a therapy near me or counseling session will greatly help their body and mind.

Mindshift Psychological Services believes that every woman deserves to have a place where they can openly discuss their thoughts and feelings without criticisms and judgment. They need highly trained medical professionals that will understand and accept the changes in their lives.

Getting therapy near me will help make sense of all the emotions that women have bottled up over the years. They offer Depression therapy, Family therapy near me, Trauma therapy and more. You can check their services on their website. Contact them at (714)584-9700 to inquire.