5 Ways on Overcoming Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are still happening to this day. Society sets different levels of expectations and demands from males and females. Males are expected to be a responsible father, a romantic husband, a thoughtful son or a generous brother. Females, on the other hand, need to be a loving mother, a submissive wife, doting daughter and a trusting sister.

We live in a world where, until now, there is a struggle on gender equality. There are still unwritten yet fixed roles on how each gender should act and think. Males should be the sole provider while women stay at home. Most times, being restricted to a certain category takes a heavy toll on someone’s life.

How to overcome gender stereotypes?

Gender stereotypes happen at home, at work and even in the community. It is hard to imagine that even to this day, gender inequality has a strong presence in society. It also serves as a factor when making impressions and decisions about a certain person.

Women are seen as too emotional so they are qualified for a promotion. Men are too aggressive so it is not okay to let them care for the children. Because of this, there is a limited opportunity for all genders to succeed and to showcase what they are truly capable of achieving.

This is the reality and a never-ending struggle we all must endure. But there will always be ways on how to totally eradicate society’s prejudice and stereotyping.

1. Never stop learning.

There is indeed a strong influence in your confidence and personality when you are knowledgeable. Even if you already have your dream job, never stop growing professionally and personally. Continue educating yourself about your work. Learn some new skills. Pursue your master’s degree. Attend training and seminars that promote growth. 

There are tons of ways that you can better yourself. Your education and skills will surely be a bonus point for a promotion. Giving yourself that power of learning projects an image that goes beyond your gender. Your gender will not matter because you prove to your colleagues that you are up for any kind of responsibility – whatever they may be.

2. Start at home.

If you have children, teach them at an early age that doing chores is not categorized on what boys and girls could do. Boys, too, need to learn how to do the laundry, wash dishes and cook. Girls also can mow lawns, throw the trash and help in fixing the house.

It is not only about chores but also other aspects in life like color, television shows and toy preference. You should not feel worried when your son chooses to play with dolls or your daughter wants to have a collection of toy trucks.

You should allow your children to explore because this is one way of knowing themselves. They are still figuring out what they want so it is good to give them options.

3. Acknowledge that both genders can be victims of violence.

As much as you want fair treatment when it comes to promotions and opportunities, be also in the know that there are people fighting gender stereotypes when it comes to aggression and violence. Violence knows no gender. It is not true that only females can be victims of sexual harassment at work or violence at home.

Men are usually the perpetrators of sexual assaults and violence. But you should not overlook the fact that there are women who exhibit violence and aggression towards men. According to a survey, there are 830,000 men who are victims of domestic violence every year.

If you hear anyone suffering from any assaults and violence, help them regardless of their gender. Listen to their stories without judging. Validate their feelings and tell them the right things they must do.

4. Support groups that promote gender equality.

Gender equality will always be a constant battle because there are still people who refuse to see that time is changing. There are now vast chances and endless occasions for people to grow in their respective fields and be happy about them. All genders can now go to school, vote and work.

Show your support to various groups and organizations that choose to empower all genders. Cheer those groups that fight for the welfare and wellness of all no matter the gender.

5. Get help for mental health issues regardless of gender.

Everyone needs to take care of their mental health whether they are men or women. They all deserve the help they need from qualified therapists and psychologists. Men should not be discriminated against when they attend therapy near me and counseling sessions. Women should not be mocked for being too sensitive and emotional.

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