5 Ways Pets Improve your Mental Health

Life today can be very stressful and exhausting. After a long day of hard work, it is good to go home and find comfort with your pets at home.

Recent reports and studies show that having pets reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It is more than the companionship and unconditional love they share with you. That special bond between you and your pets can largely improve your mental health.

How do pets improve your mental health?

Many pet owners attest to the joy, smiles and laughter their animal companions give to them. It is like happiness is just within their reach any time of the day. Pets do not criticize or judge, they simply look at you as if you are the most precious being in their lives.

Pets boost your mood.

Imagine going home tired and angry and yet, the moment you see your pet you cannot help but smile and play with them. All that exhaustion and bad mood seem to disappear in a snap. You are comfortable with them and that is why you do not hesitate in showing them your real self.

The simple interaction between humans and animals releases serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. These hormones are responsible for boosting your moods. Pets keep you from feeling down and lonely.  

Pets increase your physical activity.

Whether you like it or not, having pets means that you have to walk and play with them especially when you have dogs. Running or walking along with your dogs is a form of exercise which is beneficial to your overall physical health and improves your mental health.

Engaging physical activities with your pets also builds your self-confidence as well as your social skills. You get to meet new people and immerse in hobbies that you normally do not do. It gives you a chance to expand your horizon and be more active.

Pets provide companionship.

The presence of your pets assures you that you will never be lonely. They may not talk to give you words of encouragement but they understand, accept you and still remain true regardless of your circumstances.

It is still a mystery to science on why pets are genuinely loyal and dedicated to their owners. No matter how rude or undeserving sometimes humans are, pets show the same affection and loyalty. As long as your pets are with you, you are guaranteed a lifelong friend.

Pets reduce work-related stress.

Your work is causing your problems and stress. In spite of doing your best, the demands, expectations and challenges at work can trigger issues in your physical and mental health. However, when you have pets to go home to, you look forward to having a down and relaxing time with them.

Pets are known for creating a happy and delightful atmosphere. They are playful, funny and adorable. Some workplaces even have their own office pets to relieve stress and increase productivity. Whatever bad vibes you are feeling, they can easily wash them away.

Pets help manage depression and anxiety.

Pets improve your mental health. Service dogs of some veterans help them manage their post-traumatic stress disorder. Stress and anxiety experienced by college students are greatly minimized because of therapy dogs. Pets are somewhat a good distraction that keeps you from experiencing depression and anxiety.

Since more people are struggling with mental health issues now, it is just right that more studies should also be done to promote the benefits of having pets in different workplaces, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

What if having pets is not an option?

Even up to this day, many are still reluctant and embarrassed when it comes to discussions about mental health. It is still considered a stigma and an unpleasant topic. This is why people struggling with mental health issues are looking for subtle ways to treat their conditions.

Having pets is an effective way to improve mental health. It has proven countless times how animal companions lift up their owner’s moods and alleviate their stress, depression and anxiety. But how about those people who are not allowed to own pets?

Borrow your friend’s pets.

Ask your friend if they will allow you to look after their pets. You can do it for free as long as you get to spend enough time to loosen up and unwind. You can watch their pets when they travel or when they are too busy to take care of them.

Visit a rescue center.

Look for animal rescue centers near you and be a volunteer. There are always things to do in the center and an extra hand is more than welcome. Learn more about animals and how they can make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Be a dog walker.

Every neighborhood is looking for a trusted dog walker. Tell your neighbors that you are open to walk their dogs every morning before work. You can now start your day with good exercise and a happier disposition.

Go to therapy.

Pet therapy is good but if surrounding yourself with animals is not possible and convenient, you can always opt for attending a therapy near me and counseling sessions. Having a pet is not the only available treatment that will improve your mental health.

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Our highly trained therapists and counselors focus more on the right approaches and long-term treatments that all patients need. You can visit us and learn more about our therapy sessions near me on our website. You can also contact us at (714) 584-9700.