Battling Midlife Crisis

As you get older, you cannot help but look back on how you were during your younger years. It could be that you miss your energetic, youthful self or you are filled with frustrations and regret. Experiencing midlife crisis is a devastating stage in life where you need to face it with either wisdom or immaturity.

People who suffer from depression and anxiety during their midlife refer to their state as a midlife crisis. Suicide rate among white men is higher during middle age. On the other hand, women aged between 40 and 59 have the highest depression rate.

What are the common causes of midlife crisis?

Midlife crisis is not an issue for many people around the world. Others find it unreal and just all in your head. There are people who attest that this kind of crisis is not only brought upon because of their age but due to other factors as well.

1. Physical Aging

Most people worry because they cannot delay aging. You cannot stop time and your age. You will no longer be someone with smooth, wrinkle-free skin or that buff, athletic youth. This is not superficial at all because you care so much about your looks and body that you spend hundreds of dollars to keep them young looking.

Time may slow down the process but evidently everything about your body changes. Gray hairs, wrinkles, joint pains are showing and these are not pleasant. But if there is one thing that you should be proud of is that you leave trails of adventures and mishaps that made you wise, brave and strong.

2. Hormonal Changes

Midlife crisis coincides with menopause for many women. It is a wake-up call that a new chapter in their life is about to unfold. Hormonal changes make them more irritable, sensitive and exhausted at home and at work.

It even adds stress and pressures to do all the things that many women your age have accomplished. When you see classmates getting a prestigious award, it makes you wonder if you are as successful as them.

You become so emotional that you tend to constantly compare your life to others. You may blame your hormones for it but you know that this is a sign that you are battling with a midlife crisis. Life is not a competition. You may not have any awards but you have a loving and supportive family. 

3. Traumatic Events

Midlife crisis happens not only because they are approaching old age but because they have experienced traumatic events. These events become a turning point for them to evaluate their life and their decisions. Death, divorce or even a job loss is not something that is easily accepted.

Dealing with traumatic events forces you to make drastic changes in your life that you are not ready for. These shape their new perception about life. The truth about aging is slowly becoming tangible and real. Others have to make peace with their past so that they can move on.

What are the signs that you are battling a midlife crisis?

  1. Weight loss or gain
  2. Changes in sleeping pattern
  3. Neglect of personal appearance or hygiene
  4. Extreme mood changes
  5. Unmotivated to work
  6. Withdrawal from family and friends
  7. Changes in sexual activity
  8. Constant dissatisfaction in different aspects in life
  9. Unexplained restlessness and fatigue
  10. Self-doubt and low self-esteem

What to do when you are battling a midlife crisis?

Midlife crisis usually happens to some people between the ages of 40 to 60. Those who are battling with midlife crises often struggle with depression and anxiety but medical professionals say that it is possible that this can also lead to positive outcomes.

It is an opportunity to try new things that you were too scared to do before. Those who have lost their spouse are now open to dating and finding love again. Losing a job could mean that it is time for you to finally put up that business you have desired for so long.

However when everything becomes unbearable and difficult, learn to ask for help. Depression and other mental health issues can develop when you are at your lowest. Ask for help when you notice that your thoughts and behavior are starting to disrupt your health and wellness.  

It is best that you talk to someone who understands the things you are going through during middle age. Getting therapy near me or counselling does not mean that you are losing your mind but it is more of a precaution and discernment on what you are feeling and thinking.

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