Becoming a Better Single Parent

Single parents are the living proof that no matter what happens, everything becomes easy if it is for the sake of the children. Being parents is never easy and it is even more difficult and demanding when you are alone raising the children.

As a single parent, it is normal if you find yourself doubting and questioning every move and decision you make for your children. Taking on the roles as both father and mother requires a right balance of discipline and affection.

How to initiate positive parenting as a single parent?

There are no perfect parents. What makes parenting harder is there are no perfect styles to use to raise a perfect child. Parenting styles vary because every child is different. This same goes for being a single parent. The important thing that you should never forget in raising your children is to enforce a positive and happy environment.

1. Quality over quantity.

You often hear this from many parents that spending time with your children requires the amount of love they feel in your presence even if it is just for an hour. Spending the whole day with them but you are too busy on your phone does not equate to love and affection. You need to be physically and mentally present with them. You need to give your children your full attention. Play with them, interact with them, and have a fun conversation with them. 

2. Create a loving and trusting home.

As a single parent, you are worried all the time that your children will grow up without a father or a mother. This may influence their growing up years and they will feel that they miss out on having a complete family. This is a common dilemma for most single parents. Give the love, affection and attention your children need but not to the point of spoiling them. Explain to them your unique situation and make them feel that your presence is enough. Encourage them to be open and confide in you. They need to know that you are always there for them.

3. Be consistent and clear with your rules at home.

Imposing rules at home is not easy if you are a single parent. You need to be strict in disciplining but with loving and comforting arms. Just bear in mind that in setting rules consistency is the key. Be clear with your instructions and make sure that your children understand them. Stick to the rules as much as possible so that your children will not be confused. If you have been a single parent just recently, there may be rules that need to change. Inform and explain these changes to your children. 

4. Do not feel guilty and angry at yourself.

 Not providing your children with a complete family may always bother you. Do not blame yourself for not being able to do this. Be kind and assure yourself that all will be better because your children will be your inspiration to move on. It is alright to feel sad and cry but do not drown yourself in sadness because this can affect your mood and behavior towards your children. If you are angry, spare your children from your negative emotion. It may also be a good idea to attend therapy near me or counselling sessions to learn how to manage your feelings.

5. Ask support and help from family and friends.

It is always best if you surround yourself with family and friends who are willing to help and support you. Juggling work and raising children will always be challenging and tough but these do not mean that you have to do everything. Ask help from a friend if you are running late in picking up your child from school. Allow your parents to take care of your children while you are at work on a weekend. Let your children know that there are other people who love them.

How to become a strong and effective single parent?

There are no manuals and handouts on becoming the best single parent. However, with the help of professional therapists and psychologists, there are now guidelines on how to be better in handling your child on your own. Every day, you wake up motivating yourself to be strong and courageous in dealing with work while being a good single parent raising confident and good-natured children.

1. Believe in yourself.

Never question your capability in raising your children alone. Even without a partner, you know that you can give your children a happy home and a comfortable life. It will never be easy but believing and being confident in yourself that you can do it will also boost your energy and will to live life to the fullest with your children.

Appreciate what you have done for your children and convince yourself that you are enough. It is okay to fall occasionally, but the important thing is not giving up on yourself and your children.

2. Create or join a group of single parents.

Listen and learn from their experiences. It is good for your well-being to talk to people who are in a similar situation as you. Even if you have a loving family and supportive friends, it is nice to hear from people who have to deal with single parenting. It gives you a fresh and different perspective on how to cope up and manage being a single parent. Being with these people will help you in figuring out the best way to handle your children. 

3. Take care of your body and mind. 

Be healthy physically and mentally. The most effective way in becoming an effective single parent is being able to take care of the children and making the right decisions. Do not slave yourself at work. Get enough rest and eat healthy food. Avoid feeding your mind with negative thoughts. It is okay to worry but do not overdo it. If you need to, seek professional help from a licensed therapist and psychologist so that you have someone to guide you in your role as a single parent. 

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