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Trauma Therapy

PTSD in Military Veterans

Are you finding it challenging to transition back into civilian life? Do certain smells, places, or people trigger the memories of the past that you cannot seem to run away from? Does that make you panic or want to burst? Or does it make you feel numb? Veterans serving in war zones often experience this phenomenon. PTSD in veterans could be the result of several stressors like: Witnessing people being killed, especially those you may know Being attacked Making it out alive of a near-death experience Experiencing sexual violence Worry from loved ones So, What Causes PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder […]

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Therapy For Veterans

Insomnia: How to Have a Relationship with Your Insomnia

Tried everything? Still, having trouble snoozing off? Let us get to the root of that. Say goodbye to your reliance on sleeping pills as a desperate measure. Let us help you follow through useful home remedies for insomnia. A healthy relationship with your insomnia starts from you – the changes you make on your own, and consistently follow through. Insomnia is one of the most common issues associated with sleep problems. One in four women and one in seven adults reportedly suffer from the symptoms of insomnia. Are you unable to fall asleep, no matter how exhausted you are? Is […]

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