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Ways to Cope with Death of a Loved One

5 Ways to Cope with Death of a Loved One Coping from the death of a loved one, especially who died during the Covid-19 pandemic, can become one of the most heartbreaking experiences in your life. It may even trigger unpleasant thoughts and feelings that you, yourself, cannot fathom.  Grieving during the pandemic seemed so unreal. You were filled with confusion and questions. You were dampened with an overwhelming feeling of grief and sadness. You felt lost and angry as the reality of death slowly sank into your system. How does death affect your mental health? Death affects the physical […]

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Loss of a Loved One during Pandemic

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One during Pandemic  The worst thing about Covid-19 pandemic is dealing with the deaths of our loved ones or the people we know. The choice of staying at home and observing strict health practices are done with high regards because of fear that the virus would come in worst scenarios for many.  No one is ever prepared for deaths. Hearing someone dies because of the virus is not easy to accept. Deaths happen so fast that no one could keep up with it. No one sees it coming. No one is expecting it […]

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Keeping Mental Health Check during Distance Learning

5 Ways to Keep your Children’s Mind Alert during Distance Learning The hype of distance learning is slowly fading away as many students and parents complain of its threats to mental health. This may sound alarming, but distance learning is here to stay as part of the new normal.  Distance learning is may be a triggering factor to mental health but it is manageable.  Parents now are paying more attention to their children’s distance learning. They monitor their behavior and attitude closely to see if there are changes. This may sound too much but there are studies that back up […]

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People losing work.

5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Unemployment and Mental Health Issues 

5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Unemployment and Mental Health Issues  Many people all over the world are dealing with unemployment caused by Covid-19. This scene significantly impacts the mental health of those affected.  Laying off workers, cutting down salaries and closing businesses have become the norms.  Some people never expected it to happen that fast or for this long. Most of them are not even prepared financially, emotionally, and mentally for they are living from paycheck to paycheck.  Whether it is a temporary or a permanent job loss, it is still a heavy burden to bear which causes a […]

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Unemployment and Depression

Unemployment amidst Pandemic

Unemployment amidst Pandemic: Its Implications to Mental Health COVID-19 has not only caused sickness and death, but it has also disrupted most people’s means of survival – their jobs. While everyone is threatened with losing their lives due to the virus, there are also many who are scraping up to their very last cents to pay the bills and feed their families. People are trying their hardest to make ends meet just to survive until everything returns to normal. This is a heartbreaking tale that many of us refuse to face as we continue to live and cope with the […]

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace For many of us, we form a stable relationship with work and our workplace becomes our second home. It is a major part of our lives, where we spend most of our time, and what takes most of our energy. Having a stable, fulfilling job can make one feel happy and content, but what if it becomes otherwise? Work-related stressors such as impossible deadlines, confrontational workmates, and difficult circumstances can be bad for mental health in the workplace.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental health issues affect business and their employees. […]

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 The Weight of Words: Effects of Body Shaming on Mental Health

 The Weight of Words: Effects of Body Shaming on Mental Health Have you looked in the mirror lately and criticized your body? We may not be aware of it, but we are often self-conscious of our body shape, size, and weight. We often tell ourselves we are too thin or too fat, too light or too dark, too curly or too straight.  The teenage years serve as the transition from childhood to adulthood and is marked by physical, mental, and sexual developmental changes. It is during these times we become overly conscious about our looks and physical appearance, including our […]

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Fighting the Stigma Against Mental Illness

Fighting the Stigma Against Mental Illness Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness have evolved over the years but one thing remains – the social stigma associated with having a mental illness.  According to BMC Psychiatry, stigma is defined as a negative stereotype and perception with prejudiced beliefs and discriminatory behavior. It affects anyone with a mental illness and is a recognized barrier to promoting mental health. Stigma on mental illness is widespread and prevalent. It can lead to reduced consults, non-compliance to treatment, or hesitancy to seek help at all.      Many people diagnosed with a mental illness have […]

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Stigma On Mental Illness

Stigma On Mental Illness How would you feel about being ashamed of expressing your condition for the fear of being judged and branded as someone with a mental illness? How would you feel about not being able to seek treatment because people might look down on you or treat you differently? Whatever it is, that is the exact feeling people with mental illness experience because of the stigma on mental health. What is stigma anyway? It is when someone sees you negatively because you possess a different attribute: such as color, race, religion, or a mental illness. People with mental […]

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Mental Health Tips To Cope With Distance Learning

Mental Health Tips To Cope With Distance Learning The COVID pandemic has resulted in changes among school programs around the world. To comply with social distancing measures, schools have been closed down and the main method of learning has been through digital platforms.  The closure of schools and the sudden switch to distance learning have both advantages and challenges. While some students are thriving and coping fairly well, there are those who are negatively affected by the sudden change in teaching methods.  Some students are experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety, stress, increased level of distress, and depression. While […]

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Overcoming Trauma in 6 Easy Strategies

Overcoming Trauma in 6 Easy Strategies Everyone experiences hardships in life. When something big happens and overwhelms our capacity to cope, we can get traumatized.  According to the American Psychological Association, trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Distressing events can bring about tremendous amounts of stress that we cannot handle. This often leads to feelings of helplessness, decreased sense of security, and a wide range of negative emotions. When we experience trauma, all areas of our lives are negatively impacted – our career, relationships, and sense of self-worth.    Sources […]

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Happy Eating

How Food Impacts Mental Health

How Food Impacts Mental Health What we eat influences several aspects of our health, such as our heart, our blood sugars, and our weight. More recently, research has been looking into the impact of food and diet on our mental health. It has been said that diet not only affects our physical health but our mental health as well.   Anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health conditions worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression could be one of the top health concerns in the world by 2030. Mental health problems are typically treated with […]

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Stress Eating

Boost Your Mood with Food

Boost Your Mood with Food Do you feel like stress-eating when having a bad day at school or work? If the answer to the question is yes, you are certainly not alone. People under a lot of stress turn to food to help them deal with difficult situations. Often, we grab a bar of chocolate or cup of ice cream to make us feel better. Food plays an important role in helping improve our mood and overall well-being. Diet and nutrition have been studied and utilized in the prevention and management of depression and related mood disorders. Key players in […]

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Down Days

9 Tips for Down Days

9 Tips To Practice When Dealing With Down Days Of the 365 days, we have each year, it is completely normal to have down days. Down days are filled with distress and lack of energy to do anything at all. These can happen any time or any day of the week without warning. They can be due to the smallest of things such as not being able to have a cup of coffee or to bigger ones like having an argument with a coworker. Whatever the reason may be, down days can send our energy and emotions down. If you […]

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social media

Online Social Networking and Mental Health

Online Social Networking and Mental Health Humans thrive by socializing with each other. Everyone requires companionship and connections to enjoy the beauty of life. The strength of your social relationships plays a vital role in your overall well-being. In fact, staying socially connected to others also helps with mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness. Your friends and peers add joy to your life, boost self-worth, and provide you comfort. On the other hand, lacking social connections poses severe risks to your mental and emotional health. The technological advancement in today’s world has made staying connected easier. Social […]

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Postpartum Depression

Combat Postpartum Depression

7 Ways to Combat Postpartum Depression Nearly all women experience some form of “baby blues” – feeling sad, worried, fatigued, emotionally unavailable – in the first few weeks after delivery as a result of the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes brought about by giving birth. This is completely normal and these feelings usually subside on their own within a few weeks and require no management.  While these feelings of sadness go away on their own, as many as 15% of mothers suffer a more serious condition called postpartum depression, or PPD. This is a common pregnancy complication that emerges days […]

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Eating Disorders

Recognizing Eating Disorders

Recognizing Eating Disorders Before They Get Worse Eating disorders are disabling, but often overlooked mental disorders that impair both physical and mental health. Many do not often realize that this is an actual disease and not some act to gain attention, lose weight, or eat voraciously.  Eating disorders can disrupt social, personal, and work-life without you noticing it. People with eating disorders often have disturbed attitudes towards their weight, body shape, and eating patterns. It is a mental health disorder that affects many people but most of those affected rarely seek help or treatment.  What is an Eating Disorder? In […]

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Mentally Healthy

How to Stay Mentally Healthy

How to Stay Mentally Healthy Mental health and emotional strength are as important as physical well-being because it influences how you think, behave, and feel in everyday life. It acts as a coping mechanism for stress and challenges and shapes your relationships. Often, people confuse mental health with being free of a clinical diagnosis for some illness. However, mental health is much more than just being illness-free. It is the state of having positive thinking patterns and characteristics. However, even in today’s advanced world, most of us are reluctant to address our mental health needs. This is because staying mentally […]

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The 7 Stages After a Breakup

The seven stages after a breakup Breakups hurt like crazy, and there’s no way around it. If you were involved in a relationship with all your heart, no matter the amount of compassion the breakup is dealt with; it is a painful process. Experiencing a heartbreak of this sort can shake you to your very foundations, making you question your faith in love and confidence itself. The pain of rejection or mourning a lost love is intense. Even if you’re the one who ended things, there’s often guilt associated with your sadness. Most cultures around the globe emphasize “forever” as […]

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Elderly mental health issues

Common Elderly Mental Health Issues

Common Elderly Mental Health Issues Do you have an elderly loved one who you think is battling a mental health illness? You are probably not alone. According to a Center for Disease Prevention and Control report, 1 in 5 elderly adults have a mental health concern but very few receive treatment. All ages can suffer from mental health problems, but the elderly are more at risk for mental health concerns than the younger population. Elderly mental health is important to a senior’s overall health. A big part of the elderly population is experiencing some form of mental health problem but […]

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The Link Between Meditation and Mental Health 

Establishing The Link Between Meditation and Mental Health  In our rapidly changing lives, physical and mental stress are becoming increasingly common. Meditation has been found to help with certain conditions such as hypertension, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and sleep, but how about its effects on mental health? Research has found meditation to produce positive effects on mental health. Many clinical studies suggest that meditation goes hand-in-hand with physical and mental health. They have also demonstrated that meditation is one of the safest practices in complementary medicine. The activities of meditation are described as calm, quiet, and still are able help […]

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8 Tips to Deal with Death

8 Tips on Dealing With Death in a Healthy Way Dealing with death is an unwanted, but necessary action to take when you lose someone, as everyone will go through this in their lifetime. You often feel a multitude of emotions that can often be overwhelming. Dealing with death, particularly the death of someone you love, is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. You will undergo a process of grieving and it can vary from person to person. What Is Grief? Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone. According to the American Psychological […]

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Intimate relationship

10 Tips for Better Intimate Relationships

10 Tips for Better Intimate Relationships with Your Partner Intimate relationships are those characterized by caring, closeness, and trust. Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. While intimacy is usually associated with those factors, it is also very much beyond all of that.   Intimacy is more than being involved sexually with a person. It is more than kissing, holding, and cuddling with each other. Intimacy means being wholly comfortable with another person, inside and out. Better intimate relationships mean letting another person see into your soul more than your body.  Intimacy is not instant, as it […]

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Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid Whenever we sustain physical wounds, we are taught to treat them quickly and to patch them up – the same thing goes for emotional wounds. Emotional wounds such as rejection, failure, guilt, or loss are just as common as physical wounds, or even more so. Just like how we would treat physical wounds, we should address our emotional wounds as well. Physical wounds can easily be treated with gauze and disinfectant, but how about our emotional wounds? What is Emotional First Aid? Emotional first aid is an often underrated idea: its concept is to […]

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How to Minimize Anxiety When Setting Goals

How to Minimize Anxiety When Setting Goals As we welcome the new year, we have our own personal list of resolutions we aim to achieve this year. However, these goals often overwhelm us and we tend to abandon our new year’s resolutions as quickly as we set them.  Goal setting means bringing about small, big, good, or bad changes in our lives. These changes can be stressful and can cause our anxiety levels to rise. Whether we are moving to a new apartment, starting a new job, going out with a new person, anxiety often gets the best of us.  […]

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