Children’s and Teen’s Risk of Suicide Increases during School Days

Children’s and Teen’s Risk of Suicide Increases during School Days

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School is a place where learning happens, new friendships blossom, and a positive mindset develops. It should keep our children happy and safe. Unfortunately, this has been challenged now. We were heartbroken and devastated when we heard news of school shootings. Up to this day, we are hoping that certain steps will be taken so that it will never happen again. However, our fear for our children’s safety escalated when we were faced with another concerning issue: suicide.

An analysis was published that claimed that children and teens’ risk of suicide increases by 43 percent during school days. “Rates of suicide among children 5 to 11 have risen on average 15 percent a year from 2013 to 2020.” Furthermore, it is the second leading cause of death among teenagers, aged 15 and older, in the country. Suicide has always been a sensitive issue, but with this information, it is time to openly discuss it among children and teens. It is also important that schools find ways to help students deal with their mental health issues, such as depression and self-harm. They can attend therapy near me or counseling sessions. 


Even adults have a hard time handling their depression, so you can only imagine how confusing and overwhelming it can be for children and teenagers. They may not even be aware that they are already experiencing depression. As parents, you need to pay attention to your children. If you notice drastic changes in their appearance, behaviors, or habits, do something about it right away. Therapy near me and counseling are great ways to help them. Children who are depressed are at high risk of committing suicide.

Racism and Discrimination

Young children and teenagers can be victims of racism and discrimination at school. Even if there are strict rules against racism at school, it can never be guaranteed that it will not happen. As your children grow, they are discovering new things about themselves. They are still learning to find out who they are and how they can love themselves. But when there are people tainting their image and identity, they will feel lost. Without the right knowledge and guidance from adults, they will grow up thinking that they are weak and worthless.


Sexual Orientation

Regardless of how open and accepting society is of the LGBTQIA+ community, some people still find it difficult to come out. Teenagers who identify themselves as part of this community are four times more likely to attempt suicide. They do not only fear what society would do to them, but they are also worried about how their own family would react. There are so many social pressures, and even if they come out, it is possible that they would experience judgment, criticism, hostility, rejection, and discrimination among peers in school.

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Behavior Problems

Most times, children and teenagers do not know how to handle and control intense feelings such as anger. It is possible that they will misunderstand what they are feeling. Those who have aggressive and violent behaviors may become bullies in school. It is hard for them to fit in or be friends with others. If their aggression and violence are not addressed, it will create deeper issues. They would turn to isolation, alcohol, or an illegal substance for comfort and escape. If your child is showing manipulative and aggressive behavior, it is better to seek help through behavioral therapy.

Family Issues

Every family has problems and issues that need to be worked out and resolved. However, their impact can be detrimental for children and teenagers. Children whose parents are divorcing may blame themselves for the breakup of the family. Children and teenagers who are constantly abused at home may think of committing suicide to end their pain. The death of a loved one could push a young girl into depression and isolation. An orphan may not go to school because his classmates would always make fun of him. A son of gay parents may find it embarrassing that he does not have a conventional family. Children and teenagers who have experienced trauma and loss at home are more likely to commit suicide. They are still in the process of growing up, and they do not yet know how to address family issues, especially when they are in school.


A school is the breeding ground of bullies. Bullying is what scares most parents. Children are encouraged to tell adults if they ever experience bullying. However, most students choose to remain silent for fear of worsening the bullying if they speak up. Now, bullying happens not only in school but also over the Internet. In a 2021 study, young people who are bullied online were 12 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who are not.

Parents need to look after their children’s mental health, especially now. They are an easy target for bullying and discrimination. Whenever they are feeling intensely sad, they are not able to articulate their feelings and thoughts. They are easily affected by what is happening around them.

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