Coming Out as LGBTQ+ to Your Family

Just like anyone who is struggling in finding out their sexual orientation, being honest and coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family is probably one of the hardest things to do. It is a big decision that needs time and trust. It is something that requires courage and hope that your family will embrace you for who you are.

Based on surveys, 92% of LGBTQ+ feels that society is more accepting of them. They hope that all people will be open and embrace their differences. This same goes to their families. They want that their coming out will not pose any problems.

What to do before coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family?

You may be filled with emotions in telling your family about your real sexual orientation but you need to keep a few things in mind. This is big news to you and especially to your family. This is a life-changing decision that will forever etch in your mind and heart.

There is no perfect way to come out to your family. There is no assurance also that there will be no dramas and unexpected twists. It is just a matter of coming out to your family with full confidence and positivity.

1. Choose the right time and place.

It will surely take awhile for you to decide when will be the best time to come out to your family. Every day is a special day but you need to make sure that your family is all present, most specifically your parents. It is highly recommended that you do not have this conversation during a wedding, a solemn gathering or over a phone call.

Choose a place that is free from distractions. They should not be driving, doing household chores or working. Their full attention should be at you so that they can easily understand every word you are saying.

2. Make sure that your safety and well-being are your priority.

You will never know how your family will react to your revelation. If your parents have tendencies to be physically and verbally abusive, you may take necessary precautions that will ensure your safety. Your coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family will serve as a relief for yourself but you should not put yourself in harm.

You can ask a trusted family member or a close friend to be with you when you tell them. You need someone to be there in case there will be an aggressive or violent reaction. Even if they are your family, they are bound to judge and discriminate against you.

3. Be ready with your family’s reaction.

 Some of them may be squealing with glee or crying out of sheer joy because you are finally being real. But do not be surprised if there will be a few who will raise their eyebrows and even call you weird.

You know that having your family’s support and acceptance are all that matters but you cannot expect them to instantly digest very important information. It is possible that their reaction is not what you are expecting but you need to give them time. Your big news is also big news to them.

4. Be ready with answers to their unending questions.

When you come out as LGBTQ+ to your family, they will surely have questions for you. Questions like “How long have you known your sexual orientation?” or How do you know?” or “Are you even sure about this?” You may find their questions annoying and too personal but you need to give them answers that will satisfy their curiosity. 

It is okay if you cannot answer all their questions but at least be honest to them. Tell them your story and how you are able to define and determine the real you. When it comes to your family, they need to see and know you whole.

5. Inform them on who they can tell.

If you are not comfortable with the idea that everyone will know who you are, tell your family that you want to keep it low for the meantime. You just want to make sure that your family is fully supportive and accepting of your coming out. 

Even if your family is totally okay with who you are, you will never know what others will think and react about the news. It is important that your family knows first and the rest of the people will follow. According to a study, 1 in every 3 LGBTQ+ faces discrimination in 2019.

How to mentally prepare yourself for coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family?

Each person has different reasons for coming out and they all boil down to being true and to spare oneself from all the stress that comes with it. You want to live freely. You want to be with someone whom you love and not what society expects you to have.

Before taking this huge step, you need to ask guidance from a trusted therapist or psychologist. Seeking their assistance will help you cope up with all the what-ifs and why-not. This is an important decision and you need to be fully ready and equipped mentally and emotionally.

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