Establishing and Designing Wellness Programs at Work

Establishing and Designing Wellness Programs at Work

Your work can have a huge impact on mental health and wellness. Many often blame their work as a contributing factor to their illness, depression and anxiety. Employers are getting concerned and are looking for ways to create a positive and calming work environment.

Creating wellness programs at work is one of the steps employers take to ensure that all their employees are physically and mentally healthy. These programs serve as stepping stones to improve performance and overall wellness.

What are wellness programs?

Wellness programs are a company’s initiative to improve the health and well-being of their employees and to help them manage any physical and mental health problems. Employees attend seminars and training that would highlight the importance of health and wellness at work.

Employees are an asset to a company and keeping them at their optimal physical and mental health leads to better performance, productivity and efficiency. Healthy employees are more focused, goal-oriented and hardworking.

What are the benefits of wellness programs at work?

Keeping them healthy is providing them with excellent healthcare but it is engaging the employees to have sincere interest and participation in living a healthy life. It may seem that these wellness programs can only benefit the company but the truth is these have lasting and positive effects on how employees think, feel and behave even outside of work.

More Productivity and Efficiency

Healthy employees exhibit positive behavior. They are confident and happier. According to the University of Oxford, happy employees are 13% more productive at work. They work faster and ensure that they can deliver high-quality work.

High Morale and Confidence

Employees who see the benefits of having wellness programs at work have a sense of security. They know that the company is looking after their welfare and is willing to go an extra mile for them to be healthy. They feel that they are valued and appreciated and thus, increase their morale and drive to always do better.

Better Working Environment

Wellness programs at work create a safe place for employees to grow and succeed. These initiatives help individuals in creating a working environment that is safe, convenient and respectful. Employees learn how to balance life and work. They become better individuals outside work because they are paid well and valued.

Strong Camaraderie between Employers and Employees

Some wellness programs offer employees opportunities to meet other co-workers and participate in other activities not related to work. They do sports, eat or do arts and crafts together. Through these activities, they form strong bonds and friendships.

Lesser Health Risks

On-site fitness centers and smoking cessation programs are just a few wellness programs at work that promote an active and fit body. These initiatives guide employees on how to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle. Employees with poor health are prone to sickness and skipping work.

Improve Recruitment and Attendance

Companies with good wellness programs attract many potential employees. Most employees prefer working for a company that provides health offerings and benefits. They want to be in a working environment that has less stress and hassles.

What are some of the wellness programs at work?

Wellness programs at work are different in every company. Big companies can provide better and more wellness programs for their employees.  Smaller ones tend to focus more on what most of their employees need. These are just some of the most common wellness programs at work.

On-site Fitness Centers

Many companies now have office gyms that employees can use during breaks or after work. There will be no more excuses now not to exercise.

Smoking Cessation Programs

In every workplace, there are a significant number of employees who are addicted to smoking. This wellness program includes lifestyle coaching and pharmacological assistance.

Lunch and Healthy Snacks

With such a short lunchtime, many opt for fast food when buying lunch and snacks. But when the company offers healthy lunch and snacks employers will never have to worry about their meals.

Transportation Benefit

Many employees dread commuting because it is expensive, exhausting and takes much of their time. Transit options such as bike-sharing or carpooling can reduce the hassle of commuting. Other companies offer public transit incentives so that their employees will not have to shell out a part of their salaries.

Community Service Activities

Extending help and support to the community makes employees feel good about themselves. Employees are encouraged to volunteer in doing good deeds for the less fortunate for personal growth and social advocacy.


A good nap during break time can be refreshing and helpful to employees. Companies provide nap rooms where employees can take a quick nap and return to their duties with renewed energy. Naps do not encourage laziness but it is to give employees a place where they can recharge which will help improve productivity.

Employee Assistance Programs

Wellness programs are not solely restricted to physical health but they also cater to ensure that employees have a support system when their mental health is at risk. Employee Assistance Programs address and manage mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma among employees.

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