How to Battle Alcohol Use Disorder

The reality of alcohol use disorder is scary and overwhelming. Many find it embarrassing and degrading. It is something that no one wants to discuss openly. Some choose to hide this problem or to deny having this kind of issue.

Alcohol use disorder should be a top concern because it can tremendously affect work, relationships, family and even themselves. There are many factors that lead to excessive drinking which includes genetics and psychological factors.

How to show support?

Families and friends need to understand that battling alcohol use disorder takes time, hard work and a tremendous amount of patience and commitment. Generally, in order for them to successfully manage their alcohol addiction, the people around them should show their love and support.

1. Attend support group meetings with them.

If it is allowed, you can go and listen during their support group meetings. This way you will also learn how to handle different situations. You will be aware of the possible issues that need to be dealt with and how to handle them.

2. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

Once in a while you just need a glass of wine to relax your body but you need to be sensitive to a family member who is thriving to overcome the drinking problem. Avoid drinking while they are around. Storing alcohol where they cannot easily find it is a big help.

3. Do not spoil them.

You know that they are having a hard time dealing with their addiction but there is no reason to spoil them. Let them go to work and take care of the children. Do not take away their other obligations. Let them do the things they normally do to occupy their minds.

4. Offer to help.

Instead of taking away all their responsibilities, offer to help out when a certain task gets in a way with their treatment. If they cannot find a babysitter to look after the kids during their treatment meeting, volunteer to do this.

5. Encourage them to attend therapy and counseling sessions.

Addiction is something that no one wants to discuss publicly. But encouraging them to talk to a medical professional to help them alter their perception about their drinking habits will speed up the recovery process. It is good to have someone who knows where the problem stems from and how to face it with conviction.

How to treat excessive drinking?

Once you admit that you have a drinking problem, you need to find ways to handle it or better yet, to reduce or to totally eliminate your cravings or thirst for alcohol. It is not true that alcohol use disorder is impossible to defeat. It can be managed and won over because there are effective ways to do this.

1. Detoxification

One treatment for alcohol use disorder is detoxification. You need to take medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. Having withdrawals can be pretty intense especially for those who have been drinking for so long.  It is usually done in therapy centers or hospitals and strictly guided by medical professionals.

2. Rehabilitation

There is an in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. In-patient rehabilitation requires you to stay in a facility center for a certain amount of time.  Out-patient rehabilitation, on the other hand, obliges you to join a recovery program while still doing your everyday tasks. You do not have to be confined in the center. It is better to ask your doctor on which rehabilitation program best suits you.

3. Abstinence

This can be very difficult to do because it needs serious commitment and courage. Even people who have been doing detoxification find themselves drinking again. They feel that abstinence is an effective way to stop drinking but it is considered to be the most challenging and laborious.

4. Support Groups

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous makes a significant contribution to the lives of the people who suffer from alcohol use disorder. It is good to hear from people who are experiencing similar things as them and learn how they are able to combat their addiction.

5. Counseling

Attending therapy near me and counseling sessions prove to be helpful to those who are diagnosed as alcoholic. It is not easy to open up about addiction with people you barely know but with licensed medical professionals it will be a relief and calming.

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Do not let alcohol use disorder defeat you in the race called life.