How to Help Your Partners Achieve their Goals

How to Help Your Partners Achieve their Goals

In any romantic relationship, one key factor that creates a deep and strong connection between couples is supporting each other. It becomes impossible to reach their dreams if you are pulling them back. When times get tough, your partners need you there and cheer not to give up. If they fail to get that promotion, taking them out for ice cream will surely perk them up.

One study showed that a partner’s practical support and emotional support were “positively associated with goal outcomes and did not differ significantly, whereas negative support was negatively associated with goal outcomes”.

Build their Confidence

Your involvement and support of your partner’s goals boost their self-confidence and their sense of efficacy. It makes them feel good about themselves upon knowing that there is someone important in their lives who never stops believing and motivating them.

Compliment them when they did a remarkable job in their workplace or in raising your children. Stay-at-home parents love to hear words of appreciation and gratitude from you. Instill this practice with your children as well.

Listen to their struggles.

The road to achieving one’s dreams is not always smooth and easy. There will always be potholes and humps along the way. When your partners experience these, allow them to vent out their disappointments and frustrations in healthy ways. Do not dismiss and invalidate their feelings but instead, listen carefully.

Give them time to air out their feelings and thoughts. Crying out does not mean that they are asking for help. Most times, they just need someone to listen to them. Reassuring them that everything will be okay is not at all cliché. It is a helpful way for them to process what happened and what the best solution to undertake is.

Find ways to motivate them.

It is not always that they feel confident in going after their dreams. Sometimes, after so many challenges, they tend to just give up and forget about their life’s goals. Learn to determine when to say enough is enough and never stop. There will be cases when the best thing to do is just quit but still encourage them to keep moving forward.

Whenever they feel unenthusiastic and impatient, motivate them by doing the things you know will encourage them. Tell them an inspiring story of their role models to push them to keep going. If they are planning to put up a business, take them to training seminars or symposiums.

Keep them away from distractions.

One way to help your partners achieve their goals and dreams is by preventing them from going astray. There will be times when they feel that they must do all their responsibilities all at once. They have to provide for their family, excel in work and still have time to do some side hustles. They get so occupied that their longtime goals are now in the backseat.

Remind them of what their goals are. Despite being busy, they have to make time to make sure that they are working on making their dreams come true. Help them prioritize their dreams without neglecting their duties as parents, workers or friends.

Make them feel loved.

Nothing is more important than making your partners feel loved and supported in achieving their dreams. Whether it is finishing their Master’s or opening up a business, knowing that you are there every step of the way keeps them motivated and inspired.

Shower them with affection. Spend time with them and make sure that they always hear from you how much you love them. Simple gestures of love will make them happy, secure and confident.

Make room for mistakes.

You feel bad when your partners fail. It hurts you so much seeing them get discouraged when things do not go their way. But most times, these mistakes are the only way for them to know which better route to take. No matter how painful it is, let them know that these failures and mistakes are part of life. These do not define their character but they are the tools that will make them stronger and more assertive.

Always remind your partners that in every mistake, there is a lesson learned. These could be their stepping stone to try again. The bottom point is you are beside them when they hit the bottom.

Encourage them to ask for help.

Working hard to achieve dreams and goals can be exhausting and overwhelming. Some people have to struggle so much in life that they barely survive. Others resort to depression and anxiety because of too much pressure and demand that they need to do. Even with their partners beside them, they refuse to discuss what they are going through because they are embarrassed, in denial or too proud.

Look out for your partner’s mental health especially when you know that they are doing so many things. Ensure that you initiate a calm and honest conversation to make them feel safe and secure. When you start to notice drastic and unhealthy changes in them, ask for professional help.

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