How to Live Life with Long-term Physical Illness

Many people resort to grief, isolation and depression when they learn about their long-term physical illness. Life will never be the same knowing that your days are numbered because of your sickness.

However, as hard as it is, there are still millions of things that you can do to live your life to the fullest. Your illness should never prohibit you from enjoying life instead it should be your reason for having a more meaningful one.

How to stay positive?

Staying positive with your long-term physical illness will never be a walk in the park. It is a process that takes time and a mature mind to fully accept and deal with it. Your illness will not just change your life but it will also affect the people around you. But this is not a reason for you to live life in suffering and depression.

1. Acknowledge your fear.

It is okay to be scared especially if you are uncertain on the things that will happen to you because of your sickness. This does not mean that you are a coward but rather, you are more courageous in facing your situation head on.

Life is filled with unexpected and unpredictable circumstances. No one knows what will happen so make sure that you do not let your illness get in the way of your life. Your fear will serve as your motivating factor for you to find ways to improve and be better. Do not let fear consume your zest for life.

2. Be kind to yourself.

At one point, you feel resentment towards yourself because you have not been more careful and mindful with your health. Others get frustrated for not knowing early on or for not doing annual medical examinations.  You have every right to question your decisions and habits in life but it will never change the fact that you are sick now.

Stop blaming yourself and start focusing on making your life better. Love yourself in spite of this big flaw. You may have a long-term physical illness but there is no need to blame yourself.

3. Express what you feel.

Find creative ways to express what you feel. This is the right time to have a journal to keep a record on what you are feeling. You can write poems or stories or even songs to tell the world what you are going through.

Some people choose to paint or do crafts that will relax and calm them. Other people want to express their feelings by talking to a trusted family member or friend. There are more ways on how you can let your feelings out positively.

4. Stay connected.

Having a long-term physical illness will push you to isolation. You want to be alone and not to deal with other people’s questions. Bear in mind that you do not owe anyone an explanation on why you have this illness. People will understand if it is not yet the right time to tell your story.

What you really need is to be with people who love and care for you. Stay connected with them and keep your relationship stronger than ever. It will be good for you to have them in your life especially at this time. This will also keep you from feeling anxious and depressed. Social relationships are important in keeping your body and mind healthy.

5. Ask for help.

One of the most effective ways in staying positive even with a long-term physical illness is asking for help. You should never feel embarrassed when you want someone to lend you a hand. It is fine when you know you cannot handle it all alone.

This is why you need to be surrounded by the people who love you because they are always ready and willing to help you with your needs.

Where to ask for help?

If you need a medical professional to talk to, you can visit Mindshift Psychological Services for a therapy near me and counseling sessions. They have an excellent group of therapists and psychologists that will help you lessen your negative thoughts and feelings.

If you have been so down lately and on the verge of losing your mind because of your long-term physical illness, they have Depression Therapy near me. If you want to deal with your illness as a family, Family Therapy will be a great help so that every member would know what to do.

Visit them and get to know more about their therapy near me and counseling sessions. Schedule for an appointment through their website or contact them at (714) 584-9700.

Life is difficult and having a long-term physical illness makes it even harder. Everyone deserves to understand what is happening and talking with someone whose sole intention is to help will slowly open your eyes to what really matters in your life.