How to Make Friends as an Adult

How to Make Friends as an Adult

We all have this notion that connecting and socializing with other people becomes easier when we become adults. It turns out that making friends as an adult can be quite challenging. It can be stressful and disconcerting because you are now aware of what you like and do not like in a person.

Regardless of age, meeting new people helps in creating meaningful relationships. It is a way of expanding your circle and knowing more people who will positively influence your life. One research suggests that adults with “four or five friends enjoy the highest levels of life satisfaction”.

Tips on How to Make Friends as an Adult

Forty-five percent of adults claim that it is difficult to make new friends. Many adults refuse to open their doors to new friendships because of various reasons. Some think that going through the getting-to-know process again can be a waste of time and unimportant. As an adult there are more serious matters that need attention than making new friends.

However, the benefits of making new friends as an adult can result in a better disposition in life. New friendships “increase your sense of belonging and purpose, contribute to improved self-worth and confidence, help you cope with traumatic events in your life, and increase happiness while reducing stress”.

1. Initiate a conversation.

Friendships always start in a good conversation. In making friends as an adult there is no need to wait for someone to approach you. Pluck up the courage and strike a simple greeting to your neighbor or a new co-worker. A smile can even do wonders. Present yourself in a good light so that they will know that you are a person that they can easily approach.

2. Accept invitations.

 When your co-workers ask you to join them for lunch or join them for a birthday party, say yes. This can be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Most times, you need to give people a chance to show their real self. You will be surprised that the people whom you avoid at work can be the most fun to be with. Aside from potentially making new friends, you will also experience the joy of being surrounded with new friends.

3. Explore new things.

One way to expand your circle of friends is to try doing new activities. You can go running in a nearby park or go shopping in a weekend market. You get to see people from all walks of life talking and sharing laughs. You can also step out of your comfort zone and try rock climbing or attending an opera. It is possible that you will find people who are doing the same thing as you – making new friends.

4. Join a club.

If you love to read, join a local or your office’s book club. This is a great way to meet new people who share the same interest as you. Join clubs that you know you will enjoy. You do not have to sacrifice your likes and hobbies for the sake of finding new friends. You may not find your new best friend here but an opportunity to mingle and interact with new people a few times a month can be beneficial to your social life. If there are no clubs in your office or community, you can start one.

5. Volunteer in your community.

Your community is the best place to make new friends. Whenever your community asks for people to help out for an annual gathering or for a donation drive, volunteer your time and services. This is a good way to give back to the community that has become your family. You will also meet other people who share some of your moral values.

Dealing with Social Anxiety

Making friends as an adult can be daunting for some, especially to those who are struggling with social anxiety. You know that your friends are your social support but going out and making new ones can only cause stress and anxiety. Do not put yourself in a situation that you are not comfortable in. You do not have to make new friends right away just because you have a new workplace.

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