How to Spot Signs of Mental Distress

How to Spot Signs of Mental Distress

Everyday life is a struggle. Regardless of your blossoming career or a happy family life, there will always be something that upsets, frustrates, and angers you. Most times, you may not notice that you are already showing signs of mental distress. You just view them as your normal response to your exhausting and demanding life.

Your colleagues, friends, and family will never assume that you are dealing with mental distress. Up to this day, it is hard to tell if someone is struggling with mental issues because it is still considered a taboo subject. No one wants to ask someone if they have problems because it seems rude, insensitive, and embarrassing. Only you can surely tell if you are battling with mental distress now.

Here are some signs that tell you are dealing with mental distress:

1. You are sleeping too much or too little.

Your sleeping pattern changed dramatically. It is either you are sleeping excessively or it becomes hard for you to fall asleep. Sleep and getting enough rest are as important as eating a balanced meal and exercising in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Lack of sleep can trigger symptoms of mental health problems.

2. Your eating habit changes.

Whenever you are mentally distressed, you tend to forget to eat healthily. You experience weight loss or weight gain that you are not aware of.  You do not see eating food as a way to nourish your body but it becomes something that will make you forget what you truly feel inside.

3. You refuse to see and socialize with people.

People who have undergone therapy near me have one thing in common – having conversations and mingling with others become exhausting. Being with people, even your close friends and family does not bring you joy anymore. No matter how hard you try, socializing is not anymore appealing and it easily drains your energy.

4. You feel tired all the time.

When you have mental distress, your mind is occupied with so many things. You worry about your children’s academic performance. You always think about whether your spouse is cheating or not. In return, you feel exhausted and lifeless even if you are not doing anything.

5. You are easily irritated or annoyed.

Nothing perks you up. It seems like every day is a war that you need to win. You slowly dread whatever you have in life. You are angry at yourself for not doing enough. For no reason, you yell at your children and snap at your partner.

6. You start to depend on alcohol and drugs.

There will always be times when you want to escape the harsh reality of life. You just want not to worry about your problems or not to feel any pain. Abusing alcohol or drugs is the easiest route to take. Unknowingly, you have already depended on it heavily.

7. Ending your life has crossed your mind.

This is a scary truth. If you have mental distress you just feel unappreciated and hopeless. You think of yourself as unlovable and unworthy. You believe that life would be much better for your family if you are not here. This is the time that you need help from medical professionals through therapy near me or counseling sessions.

Seeking help from professionals to manage your symptoms of anxiety or depression can be overwhelming. It is hard to tell yourself that you need intervention. You may feel a little intimidated or embarrassed that you will go this path. Sometimes, the judgment and opinions of others weigh more than the need to look after your mental health.

Mindshift Psychological Services provides therapy near me and counseling sessions for those who need intervention for their mental distress. It is always better to remedy the symptoms early on before they get worse. Your mental health should be a priority.

If you are experiencing all or most of these signs of mental distress, contact us immediately for an appointment. You may reach us at (714) 584-9700. You may also visit our website to learn more about our services and our team of experts.