How to Stop Worrying about the Future

How to Stop Worrying about the Future

Worrying is a normal human reaction especially when we discuss our future, dreams and hopes. We are all afraid and anxious about what our tomorrow holds. We want to be certain that all our plans and aspirations will become a reality with zero or fewer hurdles along the way.

Since we cannot control and foresee what will happen tomorrow or in the next months, we just worry.  Many of us hope and pray that everything will be okay. Some cannot even enjoy their lives at the moment because they are too preoccupied with thinking and worrying about their future.

Designing a Worry-free Life

Our future can be overwhelming. We simply do not have any idea what will happen. Though we love to predict our future to ease our worries still, there is that nagging feeling of pessimism and fear. One survey that was done in 2021 presented that “40% of Americans say they have been worried about the future multiple times a week and 36% say they are currently more worried about the future than they normally would be”.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, more and more people were feeling uncertain and anxious about life in general. However, you can always counteract your apprehensions. Here are some ways that you can practice that will make you less worried about your future.

Create manageable tasks.

Learn to take one day at a time. Focus your mind solely on what you can do and accomplish today. It is not right to push yourself into working harder specifically on things that are out of your hand. If you are assigned to plan your annual gathering at work, catalog the things you must do and delegate some tasks to your trusted colleagues. Do not do everything by yourself but make sure that you are overseeing the process and details.

Be more realistic with your goals and plans.

It is okay to dream big. It is fine to have greater plans for yourself. Most times, big dreams take time and require hard work and diligence. If you plan to retire at the age of 45, you need to work harder now and be smarter about where you invest your money. If you dream of becoming a manager in two years in your workplace, there is no time for you to be lazy and irresponsible.

Focus on positive outcomes.

When you start to worry, it is because you are thinking of the negative things that may happen. Plus, you are afraid and unprepared for unexpected results. You have to remind yourself over and over again that there are things beyond your control. You just have to focus and always think of positive outcomes.

Learn to accept defeats.

In life, you are constantly given challenges regardless of your hard work, diligence, perseverance and optimism. No matter how hopeful you are, they are bound to be some glitches. There may be things that will not work out according to your plan but you have to stay strong and never give up. Defeats and failures are a part of life and when some things get messy, do not quit. Always make room for improvements, mistakes and unexpected turns of events.

Be more trusting and confident about yourself.

Worrying about the future is not uncommon. You worry about things that are important to you – family, health, education, relationships, or career. On top of all these, you worry about what will happen to you, and what your future will be. It may be a long and difficult road to take but take that one step and paired it with confidence and trust.

Talk to someone.

There will be moments when you worry about your future because you are unsure of your plan and decision. Your anxiety and fear can be signs that you need to take a different route. However, it is difficult to distinguish when to quit or when to fight. It is only you who can see and feel the reality because it is your future and you know yourself better than anyone else. But if you are still uncertain and restless, talk to someone whom you trust.

Learn to calm yourself.

Your worries can lead to panic. When you are not used to rejection or failure, it could be painful and demeaning. It will take time for you to realize that you cannot always have your way. Whenever times get tough and you find yourself worrying more, do some relaxation techniques to calm yourself. You can also do some therapeutic activities like yoga, meditation, listening to music or writing in your journal.

Consider professional treatment.

Your extreme anxiety and fear can be indicators of a mental health issue. Worrying is ordinary but if it starts to disrupt your daily tasks and inconvenience other members of the family, you need to seek medical intervention. It can be a symptom of an anxiety disorder, panic disorder, specific phobia or trauma. You need to know and be aware of the root cause of your anxiety to correctly manage it.

Assessing your Mental Health

These days, your mental health is a priority. With all the happenings around the world, you need to be extra careful and mindful in looking after your health and wellness. Mindshift Psychological Services optimizes its services to ensure that you will have a stress-free life. It is not an overnight process but we provide a step-by-step guide to manage your anxiety and fear.

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