Keeping an Eye on Discrimination and Stereotyping

Discrimination and stereotyping are two issues that many love to talk about yet so few who are willing to stand and fight them. As a matter of fact, there is an increase rate of discrimination among Asians since the start of the pandemic.  

These social issues become such a common scenario that people choose to ignore them as long as they are not the ones doing the actions. There may be people who are willing to help out but the majority of them tend to walk out as long as no one is hurt.

How to identify discrimination and stereotyping at work?

You hear a lot of stories where people in their workplaces are discriminated against. It could be because of their gender, race, culture and more. They are treated unfairly and are given fewer opportunities. The sad part is not all of them are aware that they are already being discriminated against and judged.

1. Unequal pay.

Everybody wants to be compensated fairly based on their contributions at work. Men and women who are doing the same job should have the same pay. However, there are employees who experience unequal pay because of their gender, sexual orientation or social status. You should check the Equal Pay Law to know more about your rights.

2. Limited opportunities for promotions and other benefits.

Companies that offer limited or zero opportunities of promotions to their employees are a sign of workplace discriminations. There should be a continuous career growth offered to all. Qualified employees for promotion and incentives should be welcomed regardless of their background.

 3. Less diversity among employees.

There should be a strong presence of diversity in your workplace. This means that people of all walks in life are given employment and treated equally. The company hires people even if they are pregnant or old or gay or Asian as long as they have the skills needed for the job.

4. Making derogatory comments or assumptions about your difference.

When colleagues or worse, your boss, make unpleasant comments about your race, gender, sexual orientation, social class or culture and find them funny or not offensive at all then it is a sign that the company tolerates discrimination. If it makes you uncomfortable and happens frequently, you must tell someone about this.

5. There is favoritism.

You will right away spot favoritism at your workplace when it happens. It is not right when only certain people are given opportunities to grow in the company. They are acknowledged and praised for a job well done even if you have given the same contribution as the others. They enjoy benefits and other incentives more than other employees.

How to identify discrimination and stereotyping in school?

Discrimination and stereotyping happen commonly in schools. At an early age, children witness different forms of discrimination and stereotypes that will greatly influence on how they will think and behave. This is why it is important that discrimination should not be permitted.

1. There are expected conducts and behavior for students.

Boys are seen as naughty and aggressive while girls should be prim and proper. Schools should be an avenue where children are allowed to be themselves. They should not be punished just because they are girls who are laughing loudly in the hallway. Or, they should not be mocked because they are boys who refuse to join the wrestling club.

Children should be reprimanded for bad behavior but they should not be disciplined just because they are behaving outside the norms and expectations of society.

2. Dress codes are imposed differently for boys and girls.

Proper dress codes are strictly observed in all schools. However, it becomes wrong when this only serves as a guideline to certain students. For example, it is only acceptable for boys to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts and not for girls because it is distracting.

Schools should not choose to whom the rules should apply. It should be fair and equal to all no matter the gender.

3. There is no respect for different holidays in other cultures.

Students from different cultures should be allowed to celebrate their important holidays. The school must not demand the students to ignore their practices because the rest of the students do not know anything about it.

This is an opportunity for the school to introduce to their students different traditions and practices. Students should learn about them and respect them. A Chinese student should be permitted to celebrate Chinese New Year.

What could you do?

Discrimination and stereotyping should never be tolerated in any given time and place. It may seem harmless but the truth is they can greatly affect one’s confidence and trust. Some people who have seriously suffered discrimination at work or in school need intervention from trusted therapists and psychologists.

If you have been a victim of discrimination and stereotyping, do not stay silent. Do something about it. Do not be a victim. Look for people who will support and help you overcome this challenging time. Give yourself time to heal and handle this in the right way.

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Never be a victim of discrimination or stereotyping. You are more than what people see you on the outside.