Loss of a Loved One During Pandemic

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One during Pandemic

 The worst thing about Covid-19 pandemic is dealing with the deaths of our loved ones. The choice of staying at home and observing strict health practices are done with high regards.  The fear that the virus would come in worst scenarios still remain strong. 

 No one is ever prepared for deaths. Hearing someone dies because of the virus is not easy to accept. Deaths happen so fast that no one could keep up with it. No one sees it coming. No one is expecting it to happen in their families.

When you thought that grieving is incomparable, knowing that you cannot say goodbye to them makes it more devastating and heartbreaking. It makes you wish that everything would be back to normal in a blink of an eye.

The reality of grief and loss during the pandemic

It is reported that those who experienced the deaths of a family or a friend during Covid-19 pandemic have a higher risk of succumbing to mental health issues. The overlapping of emotions made it difficult to process everything all at once.

The fear and worries about the virus were layered with extreme sadness and frustrations. A once happy and healthy home is suddenly crashed by an invisible enemy.

Bereavement is a natural process but during the pandemic it heightened the grief and sadness. Family members could not bring the dead bodies to their own homes for a funeral. Authorities restricted the movements of dead bodies for they might infect other people.

Moreover, families could not attend the very funeral of their dead loved ones. Only a selected few are allowed in the service. Losing them was hard and not being with them in their last moments was even harder.

Both children and adults all experienced the harsh reality of dealing with deaths during pandemic.

For children,  it was traumatizing as they did not know how to process it. They do not even understand what they are feeling. They seemed unaffected and apathetic. They appeared confused and fine. But as adults, you need to help them connect with their feelings. 

If you are having trouble talking with your children, you can always count on the services of psychologists and therapists in Riverside, California, Corona, California and Los Angeles, California. Managing the situation through the help of child psychology or even family therapy would open a door for them to speak about their emotions. Along the way, they would slowly recognize that their feelings are just acceptable.

For adults, death of a family or friend during a pandemic is something unexpected and cruel. Many even questioned if the deaths were even real. Just like children, it is possible that accepting it will never be a walk in the park. 

Accepting the Loss of a Loved One

It is normal to feel sad, afraid and even angry in dealing with the loss of a loved one during a pandemic. It is something that is difficult to accept. For some, nothing could console them. Families cannot visit their loved ones in hospitals. Families of dead victims cannot even attend their funerals.

However, at the end of the day, families need to accept the truth and learn to move on from it. They need to focus their minds on how to stay healthy and stay away far from getting the infectious virus.

Each person does not grieve the same way.  There are no shortcuts to acceptance of loss. It is a process that may take months and years especially for those who have dealt with deaths in a most tragic time such as this pandemic.

There are effective ways that will help greatly in dealing with loss. It may not cure the deep hurt and loneliness but they may ease out the pain. It is highly suggested that in dealing with a tragic loss, it is good to talk to someone. Getting therapy near me gives you an avenue to talk about it.

Talking to someone outside of the family may not be a decent step in the healing process. But it is the surest way for you to make sense out of your feelings. Therapists allow you to face this adversity in your life without downsizing your feelings.

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You may choose from their array of services such as Individual Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Family Counselling, and more. These services will definitely bring you and your family a step closer to being okay. Dealing with the loss of a loved one and accepting it in the process may take time.

Wounds take time to heal but when it is your heart that is deeply hurt, the scars remain for a lifetime.