Measuring Progress in Marriage after Therapy

Measuring Progress in Marriage after Therapy

Married couples turn to therapy for a number of reasons. Attending couples counseling or therapy can be time-consuming and expensive but, if it is the only way to mend a broken marriage, then it is worth a try. The only question now is, how would you measure progress in your marriage after therapy? Do you keep tabs on making sure that your spouse is religiously following what your therapist’s advice? What are the signs that both of you are on the road to a happier married life?

When you and your spouse finally decide to seek couples counseling near me or therapy, your therapist assumes that you will both work actively to improve your relationship. You and your spouse are willing and ready to take the necessary steps to be a better partner. But the outcomes of therapy are objective. You may feel that nothing changes, but your spouse may feel differently. This is the part where it becomes difficult to assess.

Here are some clear signs that help measure progress in marriage after therapy.

Learning what triggers conflicts.  

One of the most common reasons married couples fight is because they do things that anger and irritate their spouse. It does not always have to be the bigger issues, like cheating. Most times, the smallest things that have piled up over a period of time are what trigger conflicts. A husband not helping in the house can be the start of deeper issues like a wife feeling unappreciated and unloved.

Therapy allows you to discuss the important matters that can make or break your marriage. This is the time and place to tell your partner what annoys or angers you. Both of you need to know that sometimes you have to hear hurtful facts about each other for your relationship to grow. Knowing the things that your partner dislikes can help create a more harmonious and peaceful union.

Accepting your partner, including their bad side.  

The funny thing about love is that it makes you believe that your spouse will change just for you. But in reality, forcing change on your spouse is never easy. Telling your new wife to be more romantic in your relationship is like pointing out her flaws. No one wants this, which can only lead to conflict.

In marriage counseling near me or therapy, you get to understand more why you need to accept your spouse’s imperfections. It is true that both of you have to work harder to be better partners, but it does not happen overnight. It takes time. But once your partner is aware of your expectations, they might find ways to meet them on their own.

Speaking up about your feelings. 

No one in their right mind would want to start a fight with their spouse. Because of this, some choose to remain silent even if they want to voice their opinion and feelings. They are afraid that their words may offend their partner and cause more trouble.

You need to learn to stand your ground, especially on things that are detrimental to you or your marriage. With therapy, it becomes easier for you to relay your message and share your thoughts. If this keeps up, your communication will improve and your relationship will prosper.

Becoming responsive to your spouse.   

The clearest sign that your marriage is making progress after therapy is that you are starting to understand and acknowledge your spouse’s worries and other sentiments. You learn to validate their feelings without accusing them of being oversensitive or full of drama. It may come as a surprise for you both but you learn to empathize with each other. Yes, you have been compassionate towards your spouse all these years, but now you understand them better and you are more careful of your actions and words.

You would think that there is nothing to learn if you seek marriage counseling near me or therapy. The reality is that no marriage is perfect, and there will always be disagreements along the way. But you have to remember that you choose to get married, and with that, you have to figure out how to work together.

Working on yourself.

Allowing you to see your flaws is part of marriage counseling near me. It hurts to hear your spouse criticize you, but in therapy, you are required to let it all out. It is not a sign of weakness if you cannot fulfill all your obligations. What is important is that you are now aware of what you need to do to improve. Both you and your spouse are works in progress. Neither one of you is perfect.

You need to work on yourself to learn how to be a better spouse and how to make your partner happy. Focus on your strengths and use them to impress your spouse. As for your weaknesses, do not let them disrupt your marriage.  It takes so much effort, but in the long run, you will both benefit from it.

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