Mental Health and Happiness

Mental Health and Happiness

People believe that happiness is the answer to some mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Everyone is on a constant chase to find what truly makes them happy. Happiness varies from person to person. Some think that reaching the ultimate happiness is a farfetched dream or it is just a myth that creates more confusion and problems.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a significant decline among Americans who considered themselves happy. In 2020, a study conducted by the National Science Foundation at the University of Chicago showed that only 14% of American adults said that they were happy compared to the 31% of Americans who shared the same view in 2018.

How can happiness affect mental health?

Many still think that happiness is just an elusive dream. Human emotions are not designed to last long. However, researchers of positive psychology define happiness as satisfaction and contentment with life. Being able to accept who you are and what you have promotes mental stability which leads to long-term happiness.

Several studies show that happy and mentally healthy people are in control of their emotions and actions. In other words, they do and say things that they know will contribute to their happiness and satisfaction. Happy people insist on caring for themselves and the people around them.

Happiness results in positive social relationships.

People who are battling depression and anxiety tend to isolate and withdraw themselves from the crowd. Being with the people whom you trust and care about can help relieve loneliness and sadness. Having them around is a blessing and they will surely bring joy to your life.

Having people to talk to about your problems lessen the burden you are feeling inside. You work harder and are more motivated because there are people who love you. Healthy social relationships mean that you are capable of giving and receiving love and happiness.

Happiness stems from contentment.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Do not stress out just because your neighbor has a new car. Life is not a competition and the moment you realize that being satisfied with what you have is a strong factor in your happiness.

Being content is not an easy feat because jealousy and greed are always lurking around. It becomes harder to achieve contentment these days because there are so many things you want to have. But learning how to be grateful and accepting that you cannot have it all is just one step closer to being happy.

Happiness is knowing your boundary.

You do not have to drown yourself in debts and vices to understand and experience happiness. Yes, you are free to do anything you want but be aware that there are always consequences. There are a number of people who have developed depression and anxiety because they allowed themselves to be slaves to alcohol and money.

Know your limits. Learn when to say no and when to stop. If you observe that you have been drinking alcohol every night, then stop before you turn into an alcoholic. Or, you do not need to gamble your spouse’s trust for a short-time pleasure.

Happiness begets love.

Human emotions are short-lived. They come and go. You cannot be happy for a long time. It can easily be replaced with fear, worry or loneliness. But happy people do not hesitate in showing love and passion to their family, friends and even their careers. That love and happiness are passed forward to others hoping they do the same.

Happiness may not be felt all the time but knowing that someone loves you is enough reason to live. It may easily be replaced with disappointment but there is always an opportunity to be happy again.

Happiness encourages self-care.

Unhappy and depressed people overlook the importance of caring for their physical and mental health. They view their existence as worthless and insignificant. On the other hand, people who are oozing with positivity and vigor persevere to be physically, emotionally and mentally well.

Happiness allows you to look at the world with appreciation and gratitude. Instead of constantly feeling sorry and sad about your problems, you put in the effort to be better.

Can you truly be happy?

This is one question that everyone asks and wants a definitive answer to. Psychologists and therapists near me share that almost all their patients simply want to be happy. They may encounter problems now and then but ultimately, they just want to feel that satisfying sense of joy.  

Some patients claim that they are happy and content but the truth is they mask what they really feel. They do not want to be branded as ungrateful or difficult to please. Others pretend to be happy and well because they are embarrassed to talk about their problems.

Nevertheless, you can truly be happy in your life now. It will always be your decision and choice. No one can dictate when and how you can be happy. You know what makes you happy so do these things with honesty and excitement.

Your happiness or your overall positive attitude is the foundation of a strong and healthy mind. Happiness can influence your mental health. It invites and motivates you to stay connected with friends, be true to your family, be passionate about your work, conquer your fears and look after your whole being.

If you always feel lost and depressed, it is time that you see a counselor or a therapist near me. It is better that you have someone to talk to and confide in about the challenges you encounter in life. Your therapist can guide you in finding out the root cause of your depression and anxiety.

Mindshift Psychological Services is here to understand the different circumstances you have been through. Your emotions and thoughts are conceived from your past experiences. Your state of mind now is a result of abandonment, betrayal or disappointment. But it is never too late to be happy.

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