Pressures of Society on Men

Men have always been the superior species in society. Even until now, where feminism is strongly upheld, society still has exceptional assumptions on them. People tend to forget the fact that men can also be victims of prejudice and stereotyping.

The pressures of society on men are filled with expectations and demands that can be quite challenging and stressful. Even if there is a huge change in gender soles today, men still need to constantly prove their masculinity because of the strict and rigid instructions while growing up.

Perceptions of Society on Men

When men behave outside their traditional roles, society penalizes them and typecasts as irresponsible and weak. They should be the ones to provide and protect. It is not easy to reverse the perceptions of society on men because we are attuned to the notion that men should be strong and bold.

1. Men should be the family’s breadwinner.

A study showed that 76% of men feel pressured in providing and supporting their families financially. This leads men to intensely focus their lives on how to earn money. The perception of society is for them to be the main breadwinners in the households. They need to make sure that their families are living comfortably.

Even before marriage, men should be the ones to pay for dates or buy flowers. If they fail to do this, they are branded as unromantic and rude. Though this is not always the case, many women still enjoy and appreciate these gestures from men.

Aside from providing for the family, they also need to be good role models to their children and to other young men.

2. Men cannot be victims of sexual harassment.

When it comes to rape and sexual harassments, men are always seen as the perpetrators and never the victims. Since men are supposed to be physically strong, they can easily defend themselves. They can fight their way out whenever someone attacks them.

Based on several surveys, 1 out of 10 rape victims are male. For some, it is hard to believe that men can be victims of rape especially when it is done by a female. Men are supposed to be brave and strong. It is just hard to accept that men can also be vulnerable and defenseless.  

3. Men should not be sensitive and emotional.

We hear this phrase over and over again – “Be a man. Do not cry.” This is one reason why men now choose to suppress their emotions because they do not want to be discriminated against and mocked. One common perception of society on men is that they should not be emotional.

This pressure of society on men steers them to the path of aggressiveness and violence. Instead of talking their feelings out, they resort to abusing their partners, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. It is also the reason why society frowns upon men who love make-ups or fashion.

4. Men only want sex.

Another misconception of society on men is that they always want sex. Men enter relationships because they are after sex. They want to feed their lusts and promiscuity. This notion views men as incapable of falling in love. When men have numerous girlfriends, they are labeled as playboys and immature.

Men also choose to be in relationships because they are capable of connecting and loving someone. When it comes to having an intimate relationship with someone, men are expected to take control and to initiate romantic gestures. It is not true that it is all about sex. There are actually many men who give more importance to having a serious and deep relationship than having flings.

5. Men have strong mental health.

Society has this hold on men that they will never succumb to depression and anxiety. They have strong mental health and do not break down to problems easily. Sad to say, men are as susceptible to mental health issues as women. Mental health problems do not stereotype against gender.

Many find it strange when men attend therapy near me or counseling sessions. Because society has this pressure on men to be strong in all aspects, it can be difficult to face the truth that men also need medical help from therapists and psychologists.

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Society may put a lot of pressures on men on how they should look and act but when it comes to mental health, there should never be any prejudice and discrimination.