Teen Depression

The Truth about Teen Depression

Teen depression is a serious mental health problem that persistently creates an extreme feeling of sadness and disconnection. Teenagers feel worthless and anxious for no specific reason that may have an impact on their behavior and attitude.

Before, professional psychologists and therapists thought that depression only affected adults. But now, it can strike on anyone of all ages. 

It is hard to recognize depression among teenagers. The sudden change of their mood and behavior are often associated with their fluctuating hormones. You may perceive it as normal and harmless.

It is reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that one in 6 people experiencing depression are teenagers aged 10 to 19 years old. This alarming data opens a door for experts and professionals to look deeply into this mental issue. Adolescence is a challenging phase for them, physically and emotionally, that makes their mental health more vulnerable. 

Understanding Teen Depression

Teen depression is more than just a phase of  growing up. It is not merely sadness or moodiness. It is a real and serious mental health condition that needs immediate intervention. Your teenagers may appear free and easy, but it is possible that behind that happy façade, is a person battling an unwinnable war.

As parents, raising teenagers can become a predicament. They always have answers to everything, they often complain and seem uninterested in their schoolwork or any other activities. Yet, you see it as their way of being rebellious and seeking attention.

In this crucial period of their lives, they easily get upset and disappointed over unfulfilled goals, unmet family expectations and broken relationships. They tend to overreact when things do not go their way. They feel stressed and overwhelmed when they are given responsibilities. All these may lead to confusion and despair that will surge into anxiety and depression.  

Since they are not yet fully equipped to handle challenges and adversities in life, they feel powerless and irrelevant. They become doubtful and scared to show what they are capable of doing.

They, themselves, do not understand what they are going through. Their unsettling mood and behavior are their only way to let go of their feelings. If they suppress their feelings for too long, they may think of harming one’s self.  Their depression may eventually have an effect on their physical health and overall well-being.

Common Signs of Teenage Depression

Often, teenage depression is difficult to detect. Each teenager has different ways in handling stress and showing disappointment. However, there are telltale signs that you may notice among teenagers.

  • They are always exhausted. They do not have the energy and the will to go through their daily activities  like going to school.
  • Some teenagers eat less, or not eat at all, when they are depressed. While others find comfort in food which results in gaining weight.
  • They have difficulty sleeping at night or choose to stay in bed all day long but still feel unrested.
  • They complain about various physical problems without knowing the cause like headaches, stomachaches, or fatigue.
  • They are easily irritated, angry, moody, and sensitive.
  • They refuse to join in any activities or interact with families and friends..
  • You may hear them blaming themselves for being a failure over a situation. 
  • They tend to be more and more forgetful.
  • They are having trouble doing and focusing on their daily tasks.
  •  They may have negative thoughts like self-harm, suicide, and death.  

These red flags should never be ignored even if you think they are acting childish and immature. There are times when teenagers do not recognize these signs and may succumb to being more distant with family members and friends. Parents misconceived this as a form of “finding themselves”.

Even if the warnings are not that severe, you should never shrug them off. You should acknowledge them and have the heart and time to talk to your teen.

Getting Help

It is not easy to determine if what your teen is feeling is just a phase or teenage depression. But if you continue to see drastic changes in them, it is high time to intervene. If talking to them is not going anywhere then it is now necessary to call on professional assistance.

Teenage depression is treatable. Seeking professional help from psychologists and therapists is the best way to manage this condition. Teen counselling near me is maybe a bold step, but this proves to be a helpful one.

Once you suspect that your teen is suffering from depression, call a professional. You may ask teachers, friends, and family members to recommend one. Look for someone that specializes in dealing with teen depression.

Make sure that the therapist your teen is talking to knows how to build a trusting relationship.  Your teens should feel comfortable and safe during the session so that they can warmly open up to anything that is bothering them.

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