The Appeal of Introverts

The Appeal of Introverts

Typically, people see introverts as boring. Being shy and quiet has always been regarded as uninteresting and not fun. They are not the best type of people to hang out with because they refuse to talk and do anything out of their comfort zones. It seems that being an introvert is a negative trait.

Introverts themselves feel that they are not capable of achieving great things because they have low social engagement and self-esteem. Many of them refuse to go for top jobs like management because they think that this will only cause them anxiety and distress.  

Personality Traits of an Introvert

Introversion is named one of the major personality traits in several theories of personality. According to the American Psychological Association dictionary, introversion is an “orientation toward the internal private world of one’s self and one’s inner thoughts and feelings, rather than toward the outer world of people and things”.

Although most introverts share the same traits, experts say that each introvert is unique. Here are some telltale signs that you are an introvert.

You much prefer being alone.

Being alone does not always equate to being lonely, especially for introverts. Your definition of a great time is being able to enjoy your interests and hobbies on your own. It gives you unexplainable joy and peace when you are in solitude.

Though you love your own company, it does not mean that you avoid being with people. You also enjoy being with your family and close friends. You like being with people with whom you are familiar and have deep relationships.

Socializing is a daunting task.

If there is one thing that most introverts steer clear of, it is social interaction. Socializing can be an exhausting thing to do especially if you are surrounded by people you barely know. It drains your energy because you push yourself to make an effort to mingle and have a conversation. Since this is not something that you do regularly, it can be unsettling for you.

Introverts spend energy on social interaction. This is the complete opposite for extroverts who gain energy when they are with many people. Some introverts love being in gatherings with family and friends but after a few hours, they find it comforting to be alone.

You do not need a big circle of friends.

For introverts, having so many friends is not necessary to have a happy and satisfying life. It does not mean that they hate people. Families and a few close friends are enough because they know that these are the people who will stick with them through thick and thin.

Introverts prefer profound relationships that will last a lifetime. An intimate relationship with a few friends is way much better than hundreds of casual acquaintances.

You love working independently.

In any workplace, you have to interact and socialize with your colleagues. You are expected to attend events and parties to expand your connections. However, not all people like to be a part of this. Many introverts choose jobs that do not call for frequent interactions and gatherings.

Working at your own pace allows you to solely focus on your task without worrying about other people’s chitchats. It is fine to work with other people but you know that doing it on your own is easier and more convenient for you.

You connect to people on a deeper level.

It is challenging for you to make friends. People see you as someone who does not easily open up and can be viewed as a recluse. But the truth is, you want every relationship and connection you make with other people to be meaningful and long-lasting.

Introverts are seen as good listeners. You may not be the kind who instantly warms up with others but your friendship is for keeps. You do not hesitate to show your support and love to people close to you. Friendships and relationships are serious matters and there should always be trust and acceptance between two parties.

You learn through observation.

When it comes to learning, introverts learn best through observation. You tend to be more careful and certain before trying new things. Instead of jumping right in, you take your time before attempting in doing it.

When introverts want to learn something, they practice privately until they are able to do the task skillfully. Other introverts watch other people perform a task many times until they are sure that they can do it on their own.

Introversion and Depression

The common misconception is that these two traits are synonymous. However, introversion does not always mean that the person is shy. Some people much prefer being on their own because they do not want to be distracted or lose concentration.

The sad part is that depression can be seen as introversion. People who want to avoid crowds or withdraw from social functions are just seen as shy people. It is hard to tell if a person is dealing with depression especially if they are already introverts from the start.

Some studies suggest that introversion increases the risk of developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert but when you begin to feel extremely sad and lonely to the point of isolating yourself from family and friends, this can be a sign of depression.

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