The Importance of Forgiveness in Relationships

In every relationship, forgiving is a vital aspect that tends to be overlooked by many. Everyone thinks that love is enough but the importance of forgiveness in relationships is what keeps them longer and stronger.

When you are hurt by someone, whom you care deeply and dearly, it leaves a mark that is never easy to forget and forgive. Forgiving them is the last thing in your mind because you want them to feel the same pain of betrayal and resentments. You want them to be hurt as much as you are hurting.

How important is forgiveness in relationships?

Every person has a different definition and opinion about forgiveness. For some, it is a choice and it is okay if they choose not to forgive the person that hurt them. For others, forgiveness is the way to healing and happiness. While some believe that forgiveness is about being mature and willingly letting go of bitterness and pain to have peace of mind.

1. Forgiveness creates healthier relationships.  

The importance of forgiveness in relationships is often seen as a secret ingredient to a healthier connection. No relationship is perfect and along the way, one of you will do something that will hurt your partner. But when you realize that forgiveness is essential to a healthier and lasting relationship, you and your partner will be more trusting and happier.

2. Forgiveness is freeing yourself from negative emotions.

Forgiveness frees you from dwelling on negative and unpleasant feelings. When you are hurt, you tend to think of ways to hurt that someone back and seek revenge that will make them regret. However, this just puts you in a bad position. It will burden you and keep you from feeling happy.

3. Forgiveness heals you.

Even if you are no longer with that person who hurts you, forgiving him/ her will speed up the healing process. Forgiving them is not just for them but it is mainly for you to be able to move forward. Staying angry and bitter will only create poor judgment and will worsen your perception about relationships.

4. Forgiveness paves way for growth and maturity.

It takes a high level of maturity to forgive someone. It is not easy to do especially if you have been hurt so much. The importance of forgiveness in relationships brings joy and growth for you to be able to understand and be more compassionate with other people. It is not about being the victim in the relationship but it is about being the bigger person who chooses to let go of grudges and bitterness.

5. Forgiveness improves your mental health.

People who have been hurt tend to forget about their health and wellness. Seeking revenge and turning on the victim mode are all that matter. Refusing to eat and sleep well consumes time and energy. Also, your mind is filled with loneliness and sadness that may push you to anxiety and depression. Learning to forgive gives you a peace of mind and healthier life.

How to forgive someone who hurt you?

Forgiving someone does not happen overnight and it takes time to do especially if you think that person does not deserve it. The importance of forgiveness in relationships brings growth, healing and freedom. It is easier said than done but it is never impossible.

1. Take your time.

It is okay if it takes a long time to process the anger and hurt you are feeling. You are just human and there is no need to rush just for the sake of what other people say and think. Give yourself time to heal so that you can move on easily. Once you accept the situation, you are a step nearer to forgiveness.

2. Express what you really feel.

Tell that person who hurt you that you are disappointed and betrayed with their words or actions. You are hurt and sad. There is no point in masking your true feelings. Be honest about it so that they will know the intensity of their words or actions. This way they will be more mindful and sensitive next time.

3. Listen to their explanations.

Forgiveness comes easy when you know the reason why they said or did something that hurt you. It is possible that those actions and words are rooted from something more serious. You need to discuss these issues so that they will not happen again. People who physically hurt their partners may come from an abusive family. Cheating partners may have trust issues.

4. Set new boundaries.

When something bad happens in a relationship and you choose to forgive, you need to set new boundaries. You and your partner must come up with a new agreement on how to handle problems. It is also important to talk about the issue and why it should not happen again.

5. Talk to someone you respect and trust.

It is easy to forgive when you are able to understand and process the situation. In order to really comprehend what happened, you need someone who will listen to your thoughts and feelings. If you want help in trusting your partner again, you can attend a therapy near me and counseling session. Talking to a professional therapist or psychologist will bring a different perspective about your relationship.

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