When Parenting Gets Tough

Being a parent is a blessing because not all are given the opportunity to be one. Parenting styles may differ, but they will always boil down to one common factor- parenting is exhausting. No matter how prepared you think you are, there will be numerous episodes where you doubt and question yourself if you are really made for this job.

For your new parents, taking care of children can be surprisingly overwhelming. Parents of more than one child still feel unfamiliar about parenting. Each child is a different experience, as they say.  Parenting sounds like an easy task, but once you get your head around it, you will then realize that it requires more than commitment and love – parenting demands all your time.

Is there a best way to parenting?

Generally, being a parent is a 24/7 job. There are no vacation leaves, rest days or even a payment bonus. This responsibility asks you to be more attentive and generous with your time because children grow up so fast. They need you to be there all the time in order for them to feel your love and care.

Parents with full time jobs have to work harder to balance family and work.  Choosing between the two is never an option. Having children on your own means feeding them and giving them the best life possible. Without you working, this would make this goal impossible to achieve.

However, there are parents who have to give up their careers. They need to choose their children over work. They know that seeing them grow and being there every milestone are worth more than all the dollars in the world. They believe that their presence contributes positively to their children’s development.

Working and stay-at-home parents have varying choices in taking care of their children. But this does not mean that one is better than the other. Both choices have the same vision, and it is to raise their children in the best way they know how. They are aware that the only thing that is important is to spend quality time with them as they slowly face the world on their own.

These days, it is not uncommon to hear couples, especially soon-to-be mothers, attend therapy near me and counselling as they transition their roles to becoming parents. Parenting comes with no manual or a tutorial video. It is pure instinct and common sense that grows out of love for your children.

Reading parenting books and listening to parenting talks and forums are a great help but they are not an assurance that they are effective with your own children. Remember that every child is unique and different. This goes to show that your parenting style varies from child to child. It will never be the same.

The key to parenting is to take care of yourself – your physical, emotional, and mental health.

When does parenting get tough?

Parenting is synonymous to a beautiful disaster. It becomes a disaster when everything is out of control and a mess. You start to neglect your ambition and look because you have no time to think about those things. You easily get irritated and angry when your child spills milk or pees on the carpet. Getting sleep seems to be harder than your college Calculus class. You feel sorry for yourself because everything is all on your plate and no one is helping.

In the midst of that disaster are the beautiful faces and smiles of your children as they ask for another round of spaghetti. Their dirty clothes and messy hair give you a chuckle for you know they are having a great time at home. The daily squabbles and tantrums make you lose your mind, but they remind you that your children need you.

With so many unpleasant things going around the world, you fear and worry that they may affect your children. As much as you take so much time and effort in taking care of your children, you must never forget to keep your body and mind healthy and alert. Do not overthink about the bad things. It is normal to feel apprehensions and to be protective, but they should not hinder your role as a good parent.

If you are exhausted, take time to breathe. Talk to your friends or better yet, attend therapy near me and counselling sessions. Medical professionals are the best persons to help you understand your role as a parent. They explain the natural process of taking in a big responsibility.

Parenting can take a toll on someone however it is not something that is unmanageable. It is an acceptable way of life now that parents need help occasionally to cope up with all the expectations on raising children. Mindshift Psychological Services offers guidance and support for parents and soon-to-be parents about parenting.

Some of their services include Family Therapy near me and Group Therapy. Any available services they have will be an avenue for you to be better in becoming parents. Schedule an appointment through their website or contact them at (714) 584-9700.