Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier

Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier

You would think that having siblings can pretty much consume your physical and mental energy. They invade your personal space, they annoy you with their loud noise, they pick fights at the drop of a hat or throw tantrums in public. Siblings can be a handful and most times, you see yourself wishing that you are an only child.

Some studies in the past suggested that siblings can have a detrimental impact especially when there is constant bullying, jealousy and rivalry. However, new research studies show that having strong sibling relationships makes you healthier and happier. Your siblings serve as your emotional support and protector in growing up.

Benefits of Having Siblings to Mental Health

You may not be aware of the importance of your siblings when you were young. You have different thoughts and feelings before towards them. Now as you get older, you slowly realize how beneficial they are to your mental health and wellness.

You have an instant confidante.

Your siblings become your automatic friends. You may fight or argue but at the end of the day, you know that you will be okay because you are a family. You have someone to play with, share toys with and talk to. Whatever you are going through, your siblings are there to listen, support and cheer you.

Eldest children tend to be more responsible.

Several studies explain why eldest children become the most responsible and organized. Learning these positive attributes at an early age helps a lot in how they will turn out when they are in the real world. Knowing your obligations and having a system creates a more calming and harmonious ambiance in your household.

You learn to be optimistic and adventurous.

You and your siblings surely have different personalities. Along the way, you adapt to the way they speak, behave and act. Instead of just watching TV alone, your brother will invite you to go biking around the neighborhood. Your sister may tempt you to sneak at night to go to a party. Whether you like it or not, your siblings have forced their way into your comfort zone. Looking back, you realize that after all the things you have done, everything turns out well.

Siblings help you overcome loneliness and grief.

You are never alone when you have siblings. Their presence has a great impact on your mental health. You may not see them often but you are assured that you have someone to rely on through thick and thin. This is a good feeling and being surrounded by family members simply makes you happy. 

You are appreciated and loved. 

It may not be true all the time but your siblings will love you and be grateful that you are in their lives. No matter how different you are from each other, you will love your siblings and embrace their quirkiness. Having them creates a positive impact on how you view life in general. Being surrounded by people who love and appreciate you steers you away from insecurity and low self-esteem.

Coping with Unloving Siblings

 Not all are blessed to have loving and generous siblings. Some have to deal with the pain and distress of belonging to an abusive or traumatic household. Instead of living in a home filled with compassion and love, you are being held hostage to be with people who are strangers to you. You feel that they hate you or treat you as if you do not exist. Your presence does not have any meaning for them.

Rifts and problems among siblings can cause tension and discomfort in the family. The hate that you all feel will lead you to be more susceptible to mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

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