10 Ways to Stay Positive and Empowered as a Woman

Women in society face so much scrutiny and criticisms that affect their confidence and ego. In spite of the fact that women are important contributors to the world’s development, there are still a number of people who misjudge and demean their intelligence, talents and skills. 

They say that even up to this day, being a woman is never easy. Yes, there is freedom to enjoy and rights that promote growth but being one always equates to many responsibilities and high expectations.

How to stay positive in times of stress?

Women play different roles in society and each role should meet or better yet, exceed the standards known by many. They are not only career-oriented and positive women but they are also a sister, a friend, a mother and a wife. Women have to perform their respective duties without compromising other responsibilities. With all these expectations, they need to always stay positive in the midst of a busy and stressful schedule.

1. Stay away from toxic people.

It is not a crime if you choose to disconnect from people who have nothing good to offer in your life. Their presence only adds stress and more problems to you. Choose friends that help you grow and lead you on how to become better. Opt to cut-off those friends who only come to you to loan money or use you for their own benefits. Learn to slowly let go of abusive partners and even husbands so that you will have a refreshing and happier life.

2. Pursuing a hobby.

Many therapists and psychologists encourage women to pursue a passion or a hobby that they have put off for a long time. No matter how childish the hobby is, allot time to do it so that your mind will feel relaxed and calm. Enroll in a dance class so that you have something to look forward to every week. Start your journal now so that there will be a place where you can write your experience and thoughts. You can even watch video tutorials online for free if you want to learn a new instrument or language. This is your way of loving and taking care of yourself.

3. Take care of your body and mind.

Exercise, eat healthy and get good sleep make wonders to your body. They help stimulate the different hormones for you to stay alert and energetic throughout the day. But in this chaotic world, you also need to take care of your mind. Do not feed it with negative thoughts since they lead to anxiety and depression. Learn how to meditate to give your mind the rest and relaxation it needs.

4. Controlling your emotions.

You really cannot control people and their response to certain situations but the only thing you can control is your own emotions. You are in charge of them and whatever your reaction is you need to own them. Having a positive mindset does not come easy. It takes time to learn how not to yell at people who are irresponsible or to slap someone for being rude. But as you mature and be more accepting and understanding of people’s attitude and behavior, it becomes easy to control your emotions.  You choose which battle to fight or to ignore to be a positive woman. 

5. Help other people.

There is no better feeling in the world than helping other people. This world needs more people who are generous of their time and effort in creating a better place especially for those who are less fortunate. It positively keeps your mind healthy. Join programs and advocacies that you like and believe in and give your full support. If you are a mother, volunteer in school and community movements that promote a bully-free environment. If you have a soft heart for animals, spend your weekend assisting in a shelter. There are so many places that need people who are always ready and willing to lend a hand.

How to stay empowered all the time?

Empowered women know what they want in life and work hard to achieve them. They are independent, strong, loving and warm. They make sure that every decision they make does not negatively affect the people around them.

1. Learning to say ‘No’.

The sense of responsibility of women is highly commendable. They always make sure that the children are well-clothed and fed while maintaining demanding jobs. They cater to their husband or parent’s needs and still have enough time to go out for a coffee with friends. They are always on the go and seem not to be bothered with their exhausting life. But it is not always healthy trying to please everyone. Once in a while say no to people, even to other family members and close friends to give yourself time to rest and enjoy solitary moments.

2. Lead by example.

It is true that actions speak louder than words. Being an empowered woman, you are expected to do excellent in your job as well as being a remarkable mother. Though the pressure is real, these are not impossible to do. Women are blessed to have the will, attitude and mindset to always do what is best for the company and family. They promote beauty inside and out while teaching others that working hard and smart can lead you to a better future. Women make sure that they embody positivity and intelligence that children will emulate someday.

3. Support other women.

Empowered women empower women. It is a nature of women to always side with other women especially if they are fighting for a good cause. You can also do this in your workplace, in your children’s school and community. Buy local products made by the women in the community for a fundraising drive. You can teach and speak about women and children’s abuse in a forum. You can encourage other women to be strong and brave in facing life’s challenges. Help co-workers who are victims of harassment and discrimination. In short, do not compete with other women but give them all the support and cheer they need.

4. Never stop learning.

Whether you are planning to enroll in a graduate school or to attend an investment forum, advancing your career and being open to learning new are good ways to initiate the power of knowledge. Being an empowered woman is always on the lookout for opportunities to be smarter and better. You need to know that learning never stops and being equipped with the right information about any topics makes you more responsible and reliable. Whatever it is that you want to learn, pursue them even if it is just learning how to play a guitar.

5. Learn to ask for help.

Empowered women are perceived to be always bold and fearless. But they are wrong. Feeling weak and vulnerable is normal especially if so many things are expected from you. You need to take care of your mental health. Attending therapy near me and counseling sessions are a big help in keeping your mind focused and healthy.

Talking to a professional therapist and psychologist will give you a fresh perspective on your roles and their overwhelming responsibilities. If it becomes too much to bear, it is time to seek medical help to avoid feeling anxious and depressed. In the society now, a woman is seen as an equal to men but sometimes the treatment is still unfair. This is why it is tough to stay being a positive and empowered woman. 

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