9 Tips for Down Days

9 Tips To Practice When Dealing With Down Days

Of the 365 days, we have each year, it is completely normal to have down days.

Down days are filled with distress and lack of energy to do anything at all. These can happen any time or any day of the week without warning. They can be due to the smallest of things such as not being able to have a cup of coffee or to bigger ones like having an argument with a coworker. Whatever the reason may be, down days can send our energy and emotions down.

Down Days

If you think you are the only person having a down day – you are definitely not alone. When dealing with down days, here are some tips to lift your mood and spirits up:

1. Accept that there will be down days

The first step in dealing with down days is to acknowledge that they can happen from time to time to anyone, not just to you. You will have days where you will be productive, but accept that there may be days when you will not be. 

Throw yourself a little pity party if you must. A pity party with compassion can help turn the frustration of down days. You will have to accept that not all days will be happy, and some days will be more challenging than others. 

2. Change your environment

Change your physical or mental environment. Sometimes, a simple change of environment can elevate one’s mood. To change your physical environment, stay as far away as possible from the source of distress. For example, if a co-worker is causing you to have a depressing day, avoid that person at all costs to prevent your day from getting ruined. 

You can change your mental environment by finding another thing to keep yourself busy with. Divert your attention to something else instead of thinking of your problem. A change in environment will allow your mind to focus on something else. 

3.Listen to music

Music is a good tool when dealing with bad days. Over time, it has been documented that music has calming and healing powers. Music can alleviate your mood, make you feel less alone, and improve your outlook and energy for the day. 

Studies have shown that listening to music you like can alter your mood and even alleviate depression. An analysis done by the American Psychological Association shows how music influences health. The researchers concluded that music reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol – the main reason why music is associated with a relation when dealing with down days. 

4. Connect with someone

When you are alone, it is very easy to self-sabotage and wallow by yourself. Isolation can hamper dealing with bad days. If you are feeling down, try to connect with a friend or family member to help you get through the day. 

Go out for lunch, grab a cup of coffee, schedule a salon appointment – whatever it may be, reach out and reconnect with a friend. A friend’s response often has a comforting effect and helps tone down a bad day. Sometimes, just talking to someone can lift your mood instantly. 

5. Give and get a hug

Human touch is another easy, accessible, and doable form of therapy when dealing with bad days. Hugging for example, lowers our stress throughout the day.  Researchers believe that hugging and other interpersonal touches can elevate hormones in our body called oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones are like soothing chemicals to the body. When you hug someone, your muscles get relaxed, increases circulation, and reduces tension. 

The next time you are dealing with down days, reach out to a friend or family and share a quick hug.  

7. Go exercise

Moving around, such as walking, can help clear your mind when dealing with down days. Some people like to take scenic walks or hikes when dealing with down days. Exercise is beneficial to mental health by producing endorphins, also called happy hormones. Exercise has been documented in research as a natural mood enhancer 

Exercise does not need to be heavy to produce a positive response, even a brisk or walk or quick 5 minute exercise has been shown to demonstrate a mood-enhancing effect.  

8. Practice a deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing has a naturally therapeutic, stress-reducing quality that can help you fight the stress when dealing with down days. Deep breathing exercises help calm you down and reduce your stress levels.

Find a quiet area and take a few moments to close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly. Repeating these techniques will decrease your body’s response to stress.

9. Write out your feelings

Writing down your feelings or journaling can help release all your pent-up feelings. Dealing with down days can cause us to wallow in sadness, and writing can be a good outlet if you prefer to be alone and without company. 

Writing about your day and all your frustrations will help you feel better. Write exactly what comes to your mind and release all your emotions on that piece of paper.

 Down Days

Where To Get Help

Sometimes, you will need a day or two to clear your head. If you need help dealing with down days and struggling with your mental health, seek help from MindShift Psychological Services near me in Riverside, California, Los Angeles, California, Corona, California, and Orange City, California. Schedule an appointment for Depression Therapy or Personal Psychotherapy with trusted professional service providers and get started on dealing with your bad days.