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Keeping Mental Health Check during Distance Learning

5 Ways to Keep your Children’s Mind Alert during Distance Learning The hype of distance learning is slowly fading away as many students and parents complain of its threats to mental health. This may sound alarming, but distance learning is here to stay as part of the new normal.  Distance learning is may be a triggering factor to mental health but it is manageable.  Parents now are paying more attention to their children’s distance learning. They monitor their behavior and attitude closely to see if there are changes. This may sound too much but there are studies that back up […]

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Teen Anxiety

Teen Anxiety During COVID 

Teen Anxiety During COVID  Isolation, quarantine, and remote online learning have taken a toll on everybody’s mental health. The stress, fear, and grief related to COVID has worn all age groups down especially younger folks. Specifically, teen anxiety during COVID times has been steadily increasing–as this age group is one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID on mental health.  Being a teenager is already difficult–they are in a phase of transition and uncertainty, and this pandemic is not making it any easier. Teens may be having a difficult time coping emotionally and psychologically during this pandemic. As […]

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Child Psychology

Parenting an ADHD Child: How to Keep Your Hyperactive Kid Focused?

Is your child hyperactive? Are you looking for sustainable ways to parent your child with ADHD? There are several natural ADHD treatments available. So, what exactly is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder linked to the likelihood of impulsive behaviors due to excessive hyperactivity. You may encounter your child’s inability to focus on one thing at a time – engendering issues with prioritizing, following through, or finishing tasks altogether. Hence, organization may not be their best suit. It also means that they experience restlessness; it is strenuous for them to sit motionless, in one spot, for […]

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