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Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier

Why Siblings make you Mentally Healthier You would think that having siblings can pretty much consume your physical and mental energy. They invade your personal space, they annoy you with their loud noise, they pick fights at the drop of a hat or throw tantrums in public. Siblings can be a handful and most times, you see yourself wishing that you are an only child. Some studies in the past suggested that siblings can have a detrimental impact especially when there is constant bullying, jealousy and rivalry. However, new research studies show that having strong sibling relationships makes you healthier […]

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Is Distance Learning Causing Mental Health Issues to Students?

Online education is said to be causing mental health issues among students. This type of learning has been the primary solution for many schools as students continue their education amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  Several studies involving distance learning and mental health cause quite a stir among parents and other stakeholders of education. When schools were forced to resort to distance learning to finish the school year, many did not expect that it would go on to the next year. Many did not foresee that it can affect the mental health of students. What is distance learning? Distance learning is a […]

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