Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

These days, hearing and knowing people who are struggling with depression and anxiety is not anymore uncommon. It becomes more terrifying and overwhelming when they have to deal with suicidal thoughts. Having to live everyday in this state of mind is a serious indicator that they badly need help.

One of the many symptoms of having a mental health issue is hurting and harming yourself. It comes to a point where everything is unbearable and difficult that you choose to end your misery in an ugly and unpleasant way.

Why can’t you stop having suicidal thoughts?

When you are depressed and anxious, you look at every situation as hopeless and every person as unhelpful. Your mind is so focused into thinking that you are alone. When the people around you are extending a helping hand, you dismiss them because you do not want to be a burden to them.

1. You continue to suffer from violence and discrimination.

Violence comes in different forms but it has the same tremendous negative impact on the victims – losing the will to live. No one wants to deal with violence and if you continue to experience it in your life, you need to find the proper and safe solution.

No matter how badly you want to hide it from the world, convince yourself that you need other people to step in and help you. It may surprise you but there are actually so many individuals and groups who would never hesitate in rescuing you from violence.

2. You are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

When you are under so much stress, you want to forget your problems for a while. You think that drugs and alcohol can help you escape but they will only worsen your situation. They will lead you to tolerance, dependence or addiction.

Studies show that there is an increase risk of suicides when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you are having problems that seem impossible to cope, never ever attempt to try excessive drinking and substance use.

3. You are sick and dying.

Most people with chronic illnesses hope to be well as quickly as possible. But if this expectation is unmet and farfetched, you just want to end your sufferings. You do want other people to suffer and sacrifice so much for you. You want them to live a normal life without having to think about your health condition and cure.

Your life is as valuable as everyone else even if you are sick and dying. Having suicidal thoughts may have crossed your mind every now and then but they will never make people around you feel better. Chances are they will struggle with mental health issues after you die.

4. You feel scared and hopeless.

The moment you feel that things will not get better you put yourself in the path of evil. This specific emotion overshadows everything that is good in your life. This blurs your sight in seeing clearly that every unpleasant situation has a silver lining.

No one can blame you if you lose hope because of all your problems, traumas and stress in life. But you need to love yourself more to be able to see your importance and worth.

5. You refuse to ask for help.

If you know and are diagnosed with a mental health problem, your first step to getting better is to acknowledge that you need help. Getting therapy near me may still be a stigma but you need to overcome this shame and fear to make yourself well.

There is no point in denying yourself some therapy or counseling sessions because your symptoms including having suicidal thoughts will escalate and your condition will go downhill. Remember that even if you feel all alone, there is a community of people out there that is waiting for you to approach them.

Where to ask help?

One step to getting better is to acknowledge the importance of having a healthy mind. It takes courage to admit to yourself that you need help. It is not a walk in the park but taking baby steps into wellness will surely bring you goodness and an end to your suicidal thoughts.

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Embracing the need to be well and free from any suicidal thoughts will give you a chance to focus on what really matters in your life. It gives you a much better perspective and attitude as you deal with some challenges.