Frustrations of a Single Parent

There are no jobs in the world busier and more jam packed than that of a single parent. Being one is double the hard work and commitment. These days, being a single parent is not a big issue anymore. Though it still raises some eyebrows, it is now understandable and acceptable.

Children living with a single parent is significantly increasing across America. A research study confirmed that in 130 countries, the United States has the highest number of single-parent households in the world. This is not s

Raising one’s children while working hard for a better life sounds too exhausting. Running from house to school to work and back and forth seems like a daily struggle. Despite these, single parents are known to be the toughest and most dependable human beings in the world.

Accepting One’s Role as a Single Parent

Whether being a single parent is by choice or a result of a divorce or death, it is never smooth-sailing. Raising children is more than just feeding them or sending them to the best schools. It is not merely giving them a roof over their heads or letting them have playdates. It is about loving them unconditionally and letting them feel that you are enough.

Parenting is a challenging role and being alone in raising children can be harder and can be filled with frustrations and worries. It is not easy being a single parent because it demands much time, effort, love and support.

Remnants from an ended relationship may still be lingering in your mind and it pains more that you have to take care of your child all on your own. But accepting and embracing your new role as a parent gives you the opportunity to move on from that experience and learn more to an exciting one.

It is not easy for the first few years, and you hope that parenting will gradually be easier, but it will not. Each stage of a child’s development requires your full attention and utmost care. But one thing is for sure, your role as a single parent will be twice as fun and interesting.

Children are always a blessing no matter how naughty and noisy they can be. Having them will always be full of adventures and surprises. Being with them and being an important person in their lives give you a purpose and will to enjoy life.

Focusing on One’s Wellness

Taking care of your body and mind is the most important act you can do for yourself. Feeling frustrated and inadequate as a parent will constantly bother you and this is normal. No parent is perfect even if you have a spouse.

Being a single parent is never a walk in the park. Assuming the roles of both father and mother can be stressful and exhausting. You need to be the breadwinner without neglecting your other roles as a teacher, a nurse, a counselor, and a friend.  You need to discipline with loving and comforting hands. You need to be strong and soft-hearted at the same time.

Your dual roles as a single parent can easily bring you down to anxiety and depression. You may see yourself as lonely and tired. You may feel that everything you do is never enough. You always question yourself if you are doing the right things to your children.

Being a single parent will always come with greater responsibilities. This is overwhelming. Feeling down is understandable but you have to stand and be strong for your children. If you find yourself always on the verge of breaking down, it is time to talk to professionals. It is time to pause and put your mental health first.

As a single parent, a lot is expected from you, but you need to learn to be kinder to yourself. You need to be aware that you cannot control everything. You need to focus on making yourself the best version of you because there are little eyes looking up to you. You also need to tell yourself that it is okay to ask for help and support from other family members and friends.

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