How Consumption Abuse Affects Mental Health

Life has always been challenging and many people turn to illegal drinking just to escape reality momentarily without thinking of its long-term effects. Over the course of time, it was found out that consumption abuse affects mental health significantly.

There are instances where individuals with mental health issues resort to substance use to remedy their condition. Co-occurring disorder happens. This is when people struggling with a use disorder and are also diagnosed with mental health problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorder and schizophrenia.

How does consumption affect your life?

One clear thing about illegal drink is that it corners you in doing bad stuff. There are no good things that come out from consumption. It always deprives you from seeing the things that truly matter.

1. It disconnects you from the people you love.

Consumption abuse affects your mental health and in effect, it pushes you to withdraw from people who are important to you. The frequent use changes you big time. You are no longer a good spouse or a loving parent. You wish that people will leave you alone and expect them to be there when you are in a good mood.

Before you know it, your family has lost their trust in you. Your friends do not know what to do with you. Yet, you still think that everything is fine and you are not at fault.

2. It negatively impacts your work or school.

You are starting to neglect your job or school work. You see them as distractions. When you go to work, your mind is completely somewhere else. School work is a burden and thinking about your grades makes you sad and angry. It becomes hard for you to focus and be productive.

You are not anymore an effective and reliable person. Your overall performance is affected and you are slowly losing your will and motivation to work or to study. Illegal substances impair your judgment and concentration.  

3. It causes you to lose focus on your dreams.

You are no longer the person who has big dreams for yourself and family. You see dreams and plans as useless and tiresome because you always convince yourself that you are a failure. It is impossible to achieve them. You do not recognize anymore how important determination and hard work are.

It is not just about your own dreams but you are also depriving your family to have a happy and comfortable life. If you are the breadwinner, you accumulate debts and loans to make ends meet. Financial problems are starting to manifest because you have an habit to finance.

4. It deteriorates your physical health.

One of the most telltale signs that you are abusing illegal drink is your physical look. It is not just about losing or gaining weight but it is also how your skin appears. Since your body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals, your hair and skin looks dull and dry. You develop rotten teeth, bad breath and sunken eyes.

Other parts of your body are also affected such as your lungs, liver, kidney, heart, muscles and bones. Physical illnesses will start to emerge. Your brain is greatly affected as well. Drinks have severe brain side effects like memory loss, impaired judgment and concentration. Some drinks even cause a decline in IQ.

5. It causes mental health issues.

Consumption abuse affects your mental health. Half of the people who are addicted to drinks have also developed mental health issues. Some people think that as long as they are eating well, their habit will not negatively influence their thoughts and actions.

Sad to say, this is not the case. Numerous studies show that substance use restricts your mind to think logically and rationally. It prevents you from controlling your emotions. It even exacerbates your mental health symptoms.

Where to ask help?

Do not wait for the time when everything gets out of hand. You know that consumption use affects mental health but you tend to procrastinate asking for help because you feel that you do not need to. You see your habit as mild and harmless but unknowingly, it has already affected so many aspects in your life.

You need to get better. You need to prioritize your health and wellness. Your mental health issues need to be managed as well as your substance use. In the long run, when you neglect your condition and habit they will bring more damage and problems to you and your family.

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