How to Minimize Anxiety When Setting Goals

How to Minimize Anxiety When Setting Goals

As we welcome the new year, we have our own personal list of resolutions we aim to achieve this year. However, these goals often overwhelm us and we tend to abandon our new year’s resolutions as quickly as we set them. 

Goal setting means bringing about small, big, good, or bad changes in our lives. These changes can be stressful and can cause our anxiety levels to rise. Whether we are moving to a new apartment, starting a new job, going out with a new person, anxiety often gets the best of us. 



What is it about goal setting that makes us anxious?

It can promote envy and dissatisfaction

The unknown that comes with changes in our lives can drive us to anxiety. The pressure of the responsibility of making these changes in our life can also make us anxious. We are uncertain of the outcomes and it can scare us. Will it be a success or a failure? Will it bring about good changes or bad? These are the worries we often face.

We want fast results

When we do not achieve the results we hoped for immediately, we often feel as though we have already failed. We want to reap the harvest even though we just planted the seeds. Even though we are on the road to accomplishing our goals, we may feel it seems impossible to reach the end and so we abort the road. 

Too many goals, so little time

We often tell ourselves we have so many goals but too little time. Do not feel desperate when you want to achieve so many things. These goals are for our personal growth and development. Do not become disheartened to find that achieving your goals is taking so much time, slow progress is still progress and is better than where you were yesterday.


How to minimize anxiety when setting goals?

In order to take charge of our lives, we have to learn how to minimize anxiety when setting goals. Here are a few tips to ponder on:

Set small, specific goals

Take time to set realistic goals and break them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Set goals that are manageable in days or weeks. This way, you will feel more productive being able to cross small tasks from your checklist. 

Think of your big, ultimate goal as a prize up on a ladder – it is necessary to climb each small step to be able to reach the top goal. Knowing we are a few steps ahead will help minimize anxiety when setting goals. Celebrate your small success, because even the smallest accomplishments contribute to achieving your ultimate goal.


Set goals that actually matter

Do not set goals that are easily achievable – they can bring you a false sense of fulfillment. Instead of focusing on entering a new relationship, focus first on self-love and self-improvement. 

Focus on goals that will make positive changes in your life and those that are within your control. It is important to set goals that give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment when you achieve them. 


Be realistic 

We dream about accomplishing great things in life, but accomplishments do not need to be big to make changes in our life. Push yourself harder, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. 

Do not be afraid to dream big, but keep your expectations realistic. See to it that you set goals you are capable of, that you can achieve, that is tangible within your means. Remaining grounded with our plan and dreams will minimize anxiety when setting goals. 


Do not easily get disheartened

Today’s generation of people wants quick results. We can feel like a failure when we do not achieve goals as quickly as we would have wanted to. Let us remind ourselves that we are working towards something, and that itself is an achievement, even if the results have not shown yet. 

If you have not achieved your goal yet, take a step back, review your actions,  identify any errors, and fill them in. 


How do we manage anxiety?

As we move towards our goals, we often have these unwanted, negative feelings. Know that this is normal and everyone experiences them at some point.
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