Is Psychotherapy Helping You

Is Psychotherapy Helping You

It is common for people to ask if psychotherapy is working for them. Attending psychotherapy sessions religiously for months can be quite a challenge especially, for those who have heavier mental and emotional baggage to carry. All they want is for the day to come that they will see the world from a happier and more positive perspective.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy, as known by many, is a general term used to treat a wide variety of mental and emotional illnesses through talking to a therapist or any mental health provider. It is hard to understand how talking possibly cures your life’s problems. Unlike medications, psychotherapy does not eliminate the symptoms of an illness but it is more in the process of knowing the source of your wounds and how to heal them.

Signs that Psychotherapy Works

One thing you must know about psychotherapy is its results can take time and it is not always tangible. People think that once they go to therapy, they will feel okay after a few sessions. It is all about the process and how willing and comfortable you are in speaking about your issues and concerns.

Below are the telltale signs that psychotherapy is working for you:

1. You start to feel better.

The most important indicator that psychotherapy works is when you feel better and relieved. This comes slowly and is often not noticed at first. Keeping a journal of your moods and feelings can help you track your progress. You may still experience feeling down once in a while but you are starting to feel lighter and happier.

2. You are aware of your triggers.

As you talk about your outbursts or meltdowns, you will eventually learn what triggers them. It will open up your mind as you understand yourself better – why you behave that way or what pushes you to react in a certain manner. As you become aware of your triggers, you will find ways to avoid them.

3. You are looking forward to your next session.

Talking to someone you do not know can be embarrassing and intimidating. You tend to leave out important details for fear that your therapist will judge you. But when you feel comfortable and you find your sessions together enjoyable and an eye-opener, you know that your psychotherapy is working for you.

4. You feel confident in meeting new people.

People with depression, anxiety and trauma can sometimes isolate themselves from others. They make sure that they are not put into an awkward situation where they introduce themselves, make a speech or converse with strangers. But once your therapy is gradually taking effect, you become confident in socializing because now you know what to do, say or act.

5. You can face and talk about your past, traumatic experiences.

Talking about your traumatic past can be painful. Once you are over this phase through psychotherapy, you will think of those experiences as the reasons why you are stronger, bolder and more assertive now. You know that your past will never define who you are but they help you grow to be a better person.

6. You are more optimistic and hopeful.

Psychotherapy allows you to talk about things that worry and upset you. It also encourages you to look at the brighter side of things – to be more positive in your outlook and to never stop looking for ways to make you feel better.

7. You can recognize problems and know what to do.

Psychotherapy does not promise that you will have a problem-free life. There will always be challenges and this time you are prepared and ready to find solutions. If you find your problems unbearable, you know already that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Your therapist will help you sort it out until you can find a way out.

8. You give value to yourself.

Before starting therapy, you blame yourself for every failure you encounter. You question your abilities and doubt that you can achieve success. Your psychotherapy is working because now you begin to trust yourself and your decisions. You deserve all your accomplishments and no one can ever spoil that.

9. Your behavior and habits change.

One of the most obvious indicators that psychotherapy is working for you is when there is a big change in your behavior. You stop doing your unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking. Getting up in the morning is not difficult at all. You become more responsible in doing things that promote stability and wellness.

10. Your relationships improve.

One big change that you can say that psychotherapy is working is when you deal and connect with the people close to you. Being with them does not annoy and tire you instead, you feel safe and comfortable. You know that these are the people who love and support you.

Getting Help

Mindshift Psychological Services offers psychotherapy for individuals and couples who want to overcome personal struggles and issues. Our dedicated and excellent team of mental health providers ensures that you will have a pleasant experience and a hopeful journey with us. Visit our website to know more details. You may also contact us at (714) 584-9700.