Psychological Effects Of Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Psychological Effects Of Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The recent coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone worldwide. While some countries like China and New Zealand claim to have overcome the situation, many still suffer from the havoc spread by this virus. The initial outbreak of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan in December 2019 and progressed to a global pandemic soon after. It has been affecting human lives ever since. To protect people and limit the spread of this highly infectious virus, many governments imposed strict country-wide lockdown, advised the public to live in Quarantine, and suggested practicing social distancing.

While Quarantine ensures safety, the psychological impacts of the coronavirus’s spread and staying in isolation from the outside world has been devastating. Social isolation and constant fear majorly contribute to negative psychiatric out-turns. The main issue with Quarantine till date remains high levels of stress, anxiety and depression among people.

The Psychological Impact of Quarantine at Different Levels

Ever since the governments all over the world started imposing lockdowns, the mental health of many people has deteriorated. The fear of a deadly virus and limited human-to-human interaction has made things much worse for people with pre-existing psychological conditions. Moreover, Quarantine has affected people’s mental health at different levels.

1.    Individuals

Being in Quarantine has been tough on every individual. Social interaction and activities are essential for a healthy mind and in helping people cope with stress. Though social media platforms somewhat mitigate the effects of isolation, they don’t replace the real face-to-face socializing. Also, the individuals stuck in foreign countries with language barriers have suffered considerable stress and anxiety. Since the outbreak, altered sleeping and eating patterns among people have also been reported.

2.    Families

Staying with families can be both stressful or a blessing. However, multiple factors have a role in determining it. With the implementation of Quarantine, the number of emotional abuse and domestic violence cases has risen. Due to increased financial and emotional triggers, these incidents have been taking place at a much faster pace.

Besides an increase in family problems, those isolated from their loved ones have also suffered. Many parents and children being unable to meet each other fall into depression. Another prominent matter is that parents have to deal with the tantrums of children, entertaining their children, home schooling their children and trying to explain why they cannot go to school or over to a friend’s house to play.  This can be exceptionally stressful and tiring.

3.    Mentally Vulnerable People

People with pre-existing psychological disorders are especially more vulnerable to stressful situations like this virus outbreak and complete isolation. Everyday activities serve as a coping mechanism for many, yet the circumstances have made things worse. The sense of helplessness and no control only raise anxiety levels and agoraphobia. Those suffering from claustrophobia for example are now confined to small apartments and are suffering hugely. Also, the effects of Quarantine are hazardous for those with suicidal tendencies.

4.    Physical Ailments

The feeling of loneliness and isolation triggers the body’s immune response and enhances the inflammatory process. Though suitable for protection against certain infections, it can be harmful to people with health issues like Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular diseases. Also, continuous stress releases high levels of cortisol that disrupts normal body functioning.

5.    Workers/Employees/Businesses

Daily wagers and employees have been victim to the effects of this outbreak and Quarantine. While many companies allowed their employees to work from home, a lot of people lost their jobs. Increased financial burden, losing jobs, and being isolated have made many become a victim of stress and fall into depression.

Business owners have been instructed to close their doors, causing many to shut down for good, go into default of payments and lose everything they’ve built as the government didn’t organize fund distribution accordingly and only some businesses received financial assistance, but not all.

Suicidal tendencies, Paranoia, Depression, Anxiety and Family Issues are just a few issues that have risen due to increased unemployment and businesses struggling.

Common Psychological Reactions to Quarantine

Everyone’s response to problems and stressful events is different. While many people appear to be strong, each person shows some reaction. Some commonly reported psychological results to Quarantine during the Covid-19 crisis are mentioned below:

  • Concern about safety
  • Fear of limited supplies
  • Fear of social isolation
  • Fear of not being able to provide for their family
  • The guilt of not being able to meet family and loved ones
  • Increased distress and anxiety due to uncertainty
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Agoraphobia
  • Helplessness

How to deal with psychological problems as an individual?

Psychological experts believe that people can cope with Quarantine in a better way when they are aware of the nature of the disease and the benefits isolation holds. Also, there are different ways to manage and mitigate the psychological impacts during this crisis. While coronavirus remains a problem, it is crucial to know how to overcome them. To avoid stress during the coronavirus pandemic, you can take the following steps as an individual:

  • Schedule an appointment with a Therapist at MindShift Psychological Services
  • Meditate: Meditation videos are available at
  • Rediscover old hobbies and passions
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones
  • Have back-up plans for medical supplies
  • Engage in healthy activities like exercise and productive work
  • Join online informative sessions
  • Take medications regularly if you have conditions.


How can a mental health expert help me?

The impacts of this pandemic on mental health are undeniably severe. The world has experienced much anger, anxiety and frustration since the beginning of this crisis. Many previously healthy people have become subject to psychological illness, and those with pre-existing issues are on the verge of total collapse. Getting expert help is the best and most ideal way to manage factors affecting your mental well-being.

Competent Psychological service providers like MindShift Psychological Services provide a platform for people to connect to mental health experts with useful communication abilities. The professionals at MindShift Psychological Services make it easier for you to cope with any psychological issue by providing customized treatment plans and therapies. Here’s how mental health experts help you with your problems:

1.    Individual and Couple Psychotherapy

Whether this pandemic has caused individual issues like depression and anxiety, or if couples face problems with their relationship and communication, mental health experts provide psychotherapy sessions for counseling and guidance.

2.    Family Psychotherapy

Family psychotherapy is the best solution for those who have suffered stress and anxiety during lockdown and Quarantine. Staying away from loved ones or in continuous stressful conditions can damage a family’s bond. Group therapy, child psychology and teen therapy are some additional services provided. Choose family sessions with the best mental health experts right away!

3.    Teletherapy

One of the unique services that make MindShift Psychological Services stand a class apart is that you don’t have to visit them in their office. Teletherapy services ensure you stay safe in your home and get the best mental health assistance from qualified experts online.

Final note:

Covid-19 continues to spread, and the tally of infected people is still rising. While many places continue to undergo lockdowns and people stay in Quarantine, their mental health is greatly affected. Choosing quality psychotherapy services to ensure that you cope with the current issues effectively is key. Choose MindShift Psychological Services now and say good-bye to your worries!