Struggles of Empowered Women

Over the years, women fight for their rights, beliefs, and position in society. It was a long and daunting journey but eventually, women have achieved the freedom and the voice they sought for a long time.

In this modern age, the perceptions of women change. They are no longer the women who have to wait for their husbands and children. Household chores are not exclusively done by them. They now have the right to education, to vote and to choose whether to bear a child or not. They have the options now to expand their horizons and explore more about themselves and capabilities.

How does society see women?

Women are not merely “keepers of the house”, but they are now important contributors to the progress and development of the modern world. We hear of many women who excel in science, health and medicine, technology, education, and business.

Before, the essence of a woman was measured on her ability to bear children and take care of her family. But that misconception changed, and women now are seen as equal to men.

A woman’s worth is not only gauged on how well she takes care of her family but also on how she manages to succeed in life without compromising other responsibilities. We see many women who are devoted wives and loving mothers while excelling in their respective fields. Many celebrate women who know what they want in life and do not depend on other people to be happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, this is not all true for all women in the world. In some countries, women are still struggling to be heard and to be free. They are still experiencing constant abuse and discrimination. They are not able to go to school, to work, to choose whom to marry and to give their opinion.

No matter how strongly feminism is imposed in society, women are still expected to always choose family over anything. The pandemic proves that there is a significant gender role gap between men and women.

Women, specifically mothers, choose to resign from their jobs to take care of their children who are staying at home because of the pandemic. Other mothers, who are lucky to keep their jobs, have to work double time in taking care of household chores and facilitating their children’s learning.

Young girls from poor families put their education on halt because they need to be at home with their brothers and sisters. They are the ones who have to assume the role of a mother. Because the times are hard and online learning is expensive, some young girls need to temporarily stop their studies to give way for their younger siblings to learn.

This is a sad reality that many of us are not aware of. Women appear strong and reliable in the world we know, but many are still helpless and voiceless.

How society’s expectations affect women’s mental health?

Society expects so many things from women – from taking care of the family and earning money. Some people demand that women should be tough and independent while assuming that they are weak and indecisive when it comes to important matters and decisions.

The fact that women have literally so many tasks and responsibilities in their lives, it becomes unsurprising that they will feel overwhelmed and break down. It is not easy being a daughter, a sister, a mother, or a wife while doing other jobs. 

Many women overlook the importance of having a healthy mind. For them, there is no time for that as long as they feel healthy, and their families are doing well. It does not matter anymore if they feel anxious and depressed as long as they are able to fulfill their duties.

Some would perceive that their emotional instability is temporary and normal. Others think that discussing mental health is a sign of weakness and sensitivity. Thus, their mental health becomes the last thing on their minds.

This should not be the case. With so many roles and responsibilities, women need to make their mental health a priority – the same level of importance to their physical health. This is not something that should be disregarded. Being mentally unhealthy does not only affect yourself but it will tremendously affect your children and the people you love.

Attending therapy near me and counselling sessions are not anymore out of the ordinary. This is one way of looking after your mental health. Talking to a therapist or a psychologist does not mean that you are on the verge of insanity. This is a healthy step of making sure that you are in top shape in handling all your responsibilities and decisions.

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Empowered women do not take their mental health for granted. They advocate for it to be an essential part of a person’s well-being.